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Name: Hannah Shikari
Alias: Johana 'Hana' Tanoto
Status: Member
Join Date: 12/20/09
Last Logged In: 05/03/14
Skin: Shinigami_HPB
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Alright, where should I begin?

Basic Info
Name: that\'s one thing for you people to think about
Age: teenager, not yet twenty
Education Level: I am now in university, ^_^. Yay to free clothes!
Gender: female, duh
Current Obsessions: my laptop, my games, the Kingdom Hearts series, my torrents.
Current Hates: living on my own. Chores suck.
Hobbies: listening to music, reading, writing, driving my parents insane (since they like to do the same thing to me), drive my brother insane (revenge!!), living a completely carefree life.

Writing has been uneasy, I can\'t make anything work that I want to publish. I have been writing, more than the usual assignments and what-not, but it\'s all just a lump of plot bunnies which have absolutely no ending. It\'s driving me insane @.@

On the bright side, I\'m practically addicted to Tumblr now?

Currently Doing/Listening/Thinking/etc.
Doing: reading, assignments, assessments, murdering my sleeping schedule and attendance.
Listening: Don\'t Cry - Park Bom.
Gaming: Uta no Prince-sama Music (PSP), Project Diva Extend (PSP), Tokimeki Memorial Girl\'s Side 1st Love Plus (Nintendo DS), Tokimeki Memorial Girl\'s Side 2nd Kiss (Nintendo DS), AMNESIA (PSP)
Thinking: I need a life, somewhat.
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