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heey, shuga. (;
i\'m kiana.
previously kiananobody

*the basics
Nicknames: sunnie, kiki, kiananobody, kee, kiki. etc. i go by different things.
Age: 15. i hate being so young. -_-
Sign: virgo!
Orientation: iLikeBoys. (;
Location: small town, pennsylvania.
Characteristics: sympathetic, potty-mouthed, observant, cuddly, optimistic, easily impressed, friendly.

Likes: good music, tumblr, books, summer, outside, friends, fireworks, people, cities, happiness, pictures, fun!, holding hands, amusement parks.

Loathes: confusion, lies, homophobia, movies with bad endings, bad tunes, bad moods, bugs, staying home.

writing is an on again, off again thing for me since school came around. it\'s been hard to write anything, but if i get extra time and my ipod, good stuff happens. :D

*what i write about
Kingdom Hearts
Axel, Sora, Roxas♥, Riku, Demyx, Xigbar.

Death Note
Light, L, Near, Mello♥, Matsuda.

Cloud♥, Reno, Zack♥, Kadaj, Yazoo, Cid, Rufus, Barret

Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Tsuna, Gokudera♥, Hibari, Mukuro, Ken, Lambo♥, Reborn, Xanxus♥, Bel, Colonello♥, Basil, Yamamoto♥.

Aang, Sokka, Toph, Zuko♥, Iroh, Azula, Jet, Ty Lee.

the Outsiders
Ponyboy♥, Dally♥, Two-Bit, Sodapop♥, Johnnycade♥, Derry, Steve.
Favorite Authors
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