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(Coming) Stories

Heart Of Halloween

Title: Heart of Halloween [Revisited]
Author: KingdomKrown
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Story Progress: 1/?? Chapters Complete
Pairing: Vampire!SoraXreader, slight variousXreader


You knew it was a bad idea from the very beginning. When your eager cousin and best friend urges you to go to camping, you find your self not only facing making fires and setting up tents. But being thrust into a brand new frightening place of Halloween Town. Complete with Skeletons, demons, tricksters, ghost dog. Oh! And let\'s not forget the handsome vampire prince of Halloween himself. Sora.

Teach Me How to Love {Revised}


Title: Teach Me How to Love {Revised}
Author: KingdomKrown
Fandom: Final Fantasy XIII Versus
Pairing: Teacher!NoctisXReader


Mr. Noctis Luis Caelum is your new teacher, with one look he was able to see through all your pain and hardship you had all your life. Some one who understands and knows. For the first time in life you felt you could trust again. But two tinsy little problems becomes an obstacle to your journey.
1. He\'s a teacher
2. He\'s Engaged.
But there are plenty of things about love he doesn\'t know that you do. Would you two be able to teach each other about yourselves?

A Pirates Life For Me


Title: A Pirates Life For Me
Author: KingdomKrown
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean & Kingdom Hearts
Pairing: Pirate!RoxasXReader



Your life had been turned upside down by two pirates who offered to find Elizabeth along with the help of Will. But maybe you\'ll be able to find more than what you expected. Memories? and a sudden attraction to an arrogant boy?


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