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Hi there~ It's been, what? Four years? And I've finally decided to be the friendly person I swear I am and post something in this cute little box.

It's very nice to meet you! You can call me whatever you would like (though if it's unkind I would prefer you not say it to me directly) but my name is Josie. I've also been called: Wolfy, Jojo, and "hey you". As of right now, I am twenty years old and for some reason I am studying at a university that doesn't like Luna. But after two years I have found a way around it and we are (sort of) living happily with it.

~I live and study in the southern portion of the United States, and sometimes that slips through a lot in my writing. (Though I try very hard to keep it out! Most of the time.)

~I have two younger sisters, and one of them occasionally reads my stories and gives rather irrelevant feedback. ("This is cool...but when are you gonna write for *insert fandom here*?")

~Oddly enough, I don't usually write for my favorite character of a series. Which is weird. Why do I do that? New...summer's? New Summer's resolution: write a story for a favorite character. After the, three stories that I've already got outlined.

~Like ninety percent of my stories are inspired by song lyrics. Which is really annoying because I'll hear a song and I'll be like "I MUST WRITE FOR THIS" and then I sit for hours wondering what character/series to write about.

~I like video games (though I'm horrible at them) and anime (though I haven't watched anything new lately...) and those are the kinds of things I usually write about. Even if I try to write something serious, I have a habit of making it funny anyway so even if I warn you about how depressing a story may be don't believe me because I literally do not have the capacity to keep cheesy humor out of my stories. Feel free to stone me for any lame jokes.

I just really love all of you guys a lot, but I swear I really try hard not to be creepy with my love, and I really just want to be best friends with all of you.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my rambling! See you later~
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