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My name is Rowiehz. A name that is for (mostly) writing purposes I do online, but feel free to call me Row.

I am 24 years old right now, though sometimes I make the mistake of thinking I'm still 23. I'm in my fourth and final year of Animation & Multimedia Design and I pursue a career in concept design, writing and animation. These things sum up the main passions I've always practiced in my life ever since I was young and able to put a pen on paper.

I've got a big passion for languages. I'll admit, English is not my main language, Dutch is, and I live in the small country of the Netherlands in Europe. Where there's water more than anything else. Though I plan on moving to Austria because that's my boyfriend's home and I absolute adore the country and the people there. He supports me in everything, and enjoys reading the (fan) fiction that I occasionally whip up.

Even if English is not my mother language, it has never stopped me from writing and I've improved a lot since posting my first story online back in 2008, and I hope I can continue to do so over here. Aside English and Dutch, I know German and I am currently learning Japanese and hope to pick up either French or Latin after I'm done.

I love talking and working together with people, but I am still introverted and will have to retreat to charge up after a while. During the weekends I work in a hospital with my brother, where I clean, run errands, talk with a lot of people and fetch patients. I've been doing this for six years now, and I hope I can continue for as long as need be.

Writing and drawing pictures to make the stories and characters a reality to me has always been a big part of my life. Out of everything, I make Fantasy themed stories the most. This genre has always spoken to me the most because you can get so wonderfully lost in them, to pretend you're part of something that goes way beyond of your actual reality.

But I'd be lying if I said that games weren't a big influence to everything. I love playing games. Especially games of Nintendo, which I grew up with and still haven't taken distance from this very day.

As mentioned, I mainly write fantasy stories, but I also write fan-fiction. I try to do reader inserts most of the time, because I enjoy those immensely and they actually urged me to start writing to begin with.

What else is there to know? I daydream a lot, enjoy petting my cat Fiora and have two dogs. One is a small dachshund and the other a gigantic boxer. In my backyard I have a group of chickens that are way too curious for their own good. And I like napping whilst listening to the sounds of rain.

I don't like bringing this up, but because I have been absent for a long time I feel like I at least need to address it for the sake of my readers: In the summer of 2014 the complications I've been suffering from for the past eight years caught up with me and knocked me down with severe health issues. It wouldn't have ended well if I didn't throw everything around and start fighting, so that's why I haven't been around for so long. The intention was there, but you can't write if you can't even stand up or eat, so yeah.

Luckily I am doing much better and I'm working just as usual again, though I still need to be cautious just in case. My joy for writing has returned and I hope I can submit something here soon or later!

Have a good day, everyone! ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_
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