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Ahoy matey'! The name is Rowiehz, or just Rowie for short. Or whatever people prefer instead. I don't mind really. But I mostly go by the name Rowie.

I'm a twenty-two year old Dutchy from The Netherlands, that's located in Europe. English is not my main language, but I find it an entertaining challenge to write stories in that language. Currently, I am on an Art Academy. I work in a hospital where I bring foods and drinks to patients, converse with them and clean their rooms. Occassionally, I clean up a morgue. For more than four years I've been doing this kind of work and I like it very much :)

One of my favorite things to do to pass time is writing stories, especially fantasy themed stories. I've loved fantasy creatures ever since I heard about them as a small kid and I love creating races/species of my own. Which can sometimes lead to really awkward characters. Chance is, if you read my stories that you'll encounter them soon or later!

During my spare time I also enjoy to research history, mythology and other ancient tales. They inspire me very much and you'll certainly see some aspects of them in my works.

I'm rather introvert, but I still need some company every now and then (but doesn't anyone) although if I get too much, I just need a while for myself in order not to get crazy.

I love animals. For some reason especially the dangerous ones, but my favorites remain cats. Other than that I always wanted a snake as a pet, but that'd be sad for the creature.

I'm a big dinosaur nerd, my favorite being the Carcharodontosaurus. (seriously does anyone know this one?) I love walks in the woods. Reading, drawing, writing and traveling are my favorite hobbies.


Current stories:

Leader's Crest [ Fantasy Romance- You x OC ]


My current fandoms/obsessions are:

- Fire Emblem Awakening

- Castlevania (Damn handsome vampire men...)

- Ace Attorney (Hilarious lawyers always make my day better)

- Tales of Series.

- Pokemon

I'll update the list once the rest comes back to me!
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