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Name: Nacatl Fleetfoot
Alias: McKinsey A. Cox
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Well, welcome to my bio, I guess. To say a few things about myself, I\'m a lemon fanatic, meaning I love to both read and write lemons. Not to say that my lemons are the best in the world or anything. I do enjoy writing, however, though I believe I still have a lot of room to improve.
I am a total nerd, meaning I play many different card games, am glued to either the computer of my game consoles half the time, and I weekly go to my local card and gaming store to participate in a rousing five rounds of Magic: The Gathering for Friday Night Magic...

I find that I\'m a sadistic writer, usually doing horrible things to my characters, but I am TRYING to nake things hapier XD. One of my friends once called a supernatural fic I was writing \"very creepy\". I am kind of a \"grammar nazi\", as the term has come to be around my house, and spelling and grammar mistakes, especially my own, drive me absolutely bonkers.

About the Authoress
Penname(s): Kai Nenarra, Nacatl Fleetfoot, BijutsuYoukai
Real Name: McKinsey A. Y. Cox
Nicknames: Macki, Kinsey, Mac,
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Birthday: June 12th, 1991
Hometown: Troutdale, Oregon
Astrological/ Chinese Zodiac Sign: Gemini/ Ram
Favorite Shows: Saiyuki, OHSHC, Kisaku the Letch, Criminal Minds, The Dr.Oz Show, Hell\'s Kitchen
Favorite Games: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Star Oceans III, Radiata Stories, Oblivion, Chrono Cross
Favorite Anime/Game Men: Axel, Hidan, Deidara, Inuzuka Kiba, L, Nii Jieni, Kyouya, Mori, Irvine, Youko Kurama, Reno, Kisaku, Sha Gojyo, Cho Hakkai, Homura
Favorite Songs: Last Friday Night (TGIF) - Katy Perry, I\'m A Cat - Shonen Knife, BLUE MOON - Anna Tsuchiya
Favorite Foods: Jerky, Pasta, Tomatoes, Dark Chocolate

Currents Plans

The Lady Succubus - Criminal Minds; Reader x Reid
A New Sex Slave - Kisaku the Letch; Kisaku x Reader
Last Friday Night (TGIF) - Criminal Minds; Reader x Reid


The Lady Succubus

Criminal Minds; Reader x Reid

All your adult life was a haze of blood, sex, and violence. But you weren\'t the one on the wrong end of the knife. You were the initiator. A rare female serial killer and rapist.

But your streak of terror and death come to an end before you can kill your last victim - the youngest member of the BAU, but not before you can have your \"fun\".

A New Sex Slave

Kisaku the Letch; Reader x Kisaku

He \"rescued\" you from a gang of shady thug - filthy perverts the lot of them. As thanks, your parents put him up indefinitely at the family hotel.

But what will you do when Kisaku makes you a new one of his sex slaves? Will you tell someone and expose him for the blackmailing rapist he is? Or will you be unable to resist his threats and skill?

Last Friday Night (TGIF)

Criminal Minds; Reader x Reid

For so long you\'d been trying to convince the genius yet socially inept Dr. Spencer Reid to come drinking with you - in the sake of gaining a \"different\" perspective. When he finally gives in and goes, there\'s a little trouble, a lot of fun, and way more than you had bargained for.

Who knew drunk geniuses were so much fun?
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