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I love yaoi and Krory!!!
I love writing. My favorite anime characters: Krory( d.gray-man),Jasdevi, i like both of them(d gray man) kanda(d.gray man), deidara(naruto), grell (kuroshitsuji, Black star(soul eater), kankuro(naruto), uryu(bleach), hollow ichigo (bleach), shuichi(gravitation),yachiru(bleach), izuru (bleach).I know, their mostly odd. I love all that romance guy on guy stuff cause i think its adorable and iteresting. So, i decided to make some stories for them. I love writing stories, but when i found out about this website, i was like OMG!!. So, i decided to write up some stories too. At first, i was just enjoying reading this stuff. so i was like, what the hell. But since i m at a very homework project pilling school, i have restricted time on how much i can work on a story sadly. But i love krory, and he\'s my most favorite and beloved character in the whole world!! And since i couldn\'t find any yaoi on him(except for one), or stories related to that nature, i gave myself the duty to make some!! I just hope in the manga, krory ends up with miranda. YEY FOR KRORY AND MIRANDA AS A COUPLE!!

Hobbies: Writing yaoi/romance, reading it, drawing, listening to music(mostly piano or vocaloids), anything invovling anime

Loves( characters): Krory(Who wouldn\'t?!),Grell( i LOVE his chainsaw and persona!!He\'s soo fun!!), Deidara(best damn artist), Kanda(just one word, HOT!),Kankuro(I don\'t kow why . . .), Jasdevi (Their freaking adorable!!), and Uryu( i don;t know why either . . . -_-).

i LOVE yaoi!! and Krory, but yaoi comes first . . .then romance fluff, then Krory.

Favorite animes/Mangas: Soul Eater, Gravitation, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, FLCL(Fooly Cooly), D.gray-man, Fullmetal Alchemist,Katekyo HImtan Reborn!, and Bleach
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