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I am about as crazy and geeky as a person can be and still remain (mostly) functional in human society. I wanted to open that, but I can\'t remember why. Moving on.

I don\'t write as often as I used to, mostly because high school was a breeze, college was a fun challenge, and grad school is a death march. Things kind of pittered off. The reason: my coursework always, without question, comes first. Unfortunately, this means that my fun-writing gets dropped down or shoved aside on the day or even week’s priority list.

Thus, a couple decisions formed:

I no longer take requests. Even before college, they piled up quick, fast, and in a hurry. Between time constraints and my own projects, the ideas got choked off. I don\'t want to disappoint people, so I\'ve decided to just not take any anymore.

If I ever have the time to write a full story, it will not be posted (not even a hint of it) until it is completed. Then I can deliver regular updates because hey, it\'s already written. Before this personal rule was implemented, updates were nearly nonexistent. They\'re still rare, but at least if I start something, it\'s likely to be finished (unless, of course, it\'s a series of drabbles because honestly, why wouldn\'t I do that to myself? I\'m kind of masochistic that way).

I do apologize for the lack of updates; but really, as much as I love writing this stuff, my academia takes priority.

As more of a side note: a good indication of an early fic (and so, a not-that-good-one), would be the appearance of my original muses, Animal (Zen) and Ser (Mouretsu), with the occasional cameo by Laz. So, if they pop up, don’t mind them; just be aware that there\'s a good 80% chance that the story is from the before-time. Or something like that.

More random information, if you so desire, is about to follow.

I hope to publish, but no time for writing means no time for editing and revising and all-around prepping a work for submission. But trust me, if anything happens, I’ll probably be screaming to the heavens in joy; I doubt anyone could miss it.

My genres of interest are paranormal/supernatural, comedy, romance, fantasy, sci-fi, crime shows (they’re an addiction, I swear they are).

I am interested in folklore and pretty much obsessed with Norse and Greek/Roman mythology. I am also semi-obsessed with zombie lore (and vampire/werewolf/etc. lore). It may not be a good thing to be proud of, but I admit that I can find sexual innuendo or suggestion in almost anything (ask my professors; many an academic paper attests to this claim).

I am a complete geek (and rather--absurdly--proud of it).

I won\'t list all the stories I\'ve written/posted (especially since they\'re just listed below this profile blurb), but I will try to keep track of how the In-Progress ones are doing.

Reality\'s Reverie: Hiei x Reader --- Hiatus.
It was never meant to be mulit-chaptered anyway, but it got too long and popular demand wanted it anyway.

Stolen Self: Treize x Reader --- Hiatus.
This one hasn\'t been updated in forever, but I do have every intention of finishing it...someday......

Sports Nuts: Yamamoto x Reader x Ryohei triangle --- In Progress
Something random that started with one drabble/quick-shot (and was going to just stand alone as that), but I kept getting ideas for later. And so it began.

Pavlov\'s Dog: Gokudera x Reader --- In Progress
I kept thinking of scenes in Gokudera\'s POV, and since I had been fiddling with the idea of another series, I went ahead with this one. I like the idea of Gokudera getting so used to someone (without even realizing how attached/accustomed he was to her presence) that he just kind of reacts automatically--like some sort of conditioned behavior, haha. It may be a while until that shows up, though...

On the point of drabble-series-thingies, I may start several, just to give myself variety. Drabbles are relatively quick, so I could feasibly keep up (though, as one helpful and devious reviewer commented: as a drabble-series, it can\'t actually die from neglect).

So... yeah. That may happen. I guess let me know? (Though, I\'m also horrible at checking my email... I\'m not a very good person, is what it comes down to.)

Whelp. That\'s about it.

Happy reading. :)
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