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Sorry this profile is so damn long. If I ever get my author forum over on the forums, a lot of this will be moved over there.

Latest News

Finally got my new kidney!! :)

On November 10, 2011, I received the call I had been waiting six years for: After 19 false alarms, I was going to be getting my new kidney. Surgery went great, with the donor kidney doing its job from the moment they hooked it up.

However, there were some complications...

December saw me becoming increasingly weak and fatigued. My blood count kept getting lower and lower until it was so bad that I didn\'t even have the strength to get out of bed. I ended up in the ER, getting two blood transfusions - after which I felt great! But they also did a chest x-ray and found an infectious legion in my left lung. Luckily, it was caught early and two months\' worth of antifungals got rid of the problem.

But wait... There\'s more:

While I was on the antifungals, they took me off one of my immunosuppressants because the combination of the two drugs was dangerous (I was still on a second, though, so no risk of rejection). Once the infection was gone and I was off the meds for it, they put me back on the immunosuppressant they had taken me off of. That was just over two weeks ago, and since then I have been feeling increasingly weak and fatigued. So now I\'m pretty sure that the problem before was mostly due to the medication I was on, with the low blood count just making it that much worse.

Needless to say, updates are going to be coming slowly - but they WILL be coming! It\'s just hard to function normally when all you want to do is sleep and just going to the kitchen to get something to eat leaves you gasping for breath.

About Me...

I\'ve been writing fanfiction for over ten years, having started with Highlander fanfiction back when I was still in high school. I now mostly write anime-based fanfiction, but still occasionally do stories based in the worlds of certain TV shows I enjoy or video games I have played.

Why Fanfiction? It allows me to indulge in the crazy \"what if\" scenarios my brain often concocts while watching a certain anime or TV show, or while playing a game.

As for my personal life: I\'m female, in my late twenties. I\'m a lifelong resident of Pennsylvania. I love music and cooking. I\'m a strong supporter of awareness for both kidney disease and organ donation, since I lost both of my kidneys at 23. I guess you could say that writing has sort of become my escape, but I do it more because it\'s something I\'ve always enjoyed doing, ever since I was a small child.

About My Stories...

I tend to write a lot of OCs - both good guys and villains - and I\'m a sucker for romance. So if either of those things doesn\'t sit well with you, then please kindly move on to the next author and refrain from flaming me just because my stories don\'t fit your personal tastes.

I will be updating as often as I possibly can. Now that I have been validated, the timing of my updates will depend largely upon how Real Life wants to treat me. If you are following along with any of my stories, I simply ask that you please be patient. Updates will come, even if I can\'t guarantee a set schedule for them.

Stories Coming Soon...

The Becoming (Final Fantasy VII) - Street kid, gang leader, petty criminal – Reno was once all of these things. Then one day, fate intervened and he was given the chance to experience a new kind of life. This is the story of his rise through the ranks of ShinRa\'s Turks.

Dumb Love (Bleach) - A student from the second section joins Ichigo\'s class, giving Kon yet another girl to add to his list of \'hotties.\' Then, to his immense surprise, he finds himself unexpectedly falling in love. What\'s a plushie-bound modsoul to do?

The Gatekeeper\'s Key (Devil May Cry) - Dante gets hired to take out a dangerous demon, but not all is as it seems and he finds himself embroiled in yet another evil mastermind\'s plot to take over the world. Can he stop things before it\'s too late, or will darkness finally rule?

The Ghost of You (Ghost Hunt) - Mai begins receiving guidance from a new spirit, leading Naru to recall yet another tragic part of his past and wonder why all the people he\'s cared about are inexplicably drawn to her.

Polar Attraction (Ouran High School Host Club) - He\'s quiet and stoic. She\'s wild and boisterous. They\'re the most unlikely of pairings, but fate keeps bringing them together. What are the chances that they might one day find love with each other? (Mori/OC)

Predilection (Gravitation) - When Shuichi innocently asks his idol about the three years he spent in Los Angeles, Ryuichi enters a creative slump as he\'s reminded of the best year of his life and its tragic ending. What happened to cause the spunky singer to lose his sparkle?

The Sweetest Thing (Ouran High School Host Club) - Honey had given up on ever finding true love, feeling he was too \'cutsey\' for a girl to truly like him. But one day, while indulging his sweet tooth, he meets a kindred spirit, of sorts. Could this girl be the one he\'s been looking for?


Someone once asked me what inspires my ideas for the stories I write, so I figured I would share a little of the backstory behind each one...

(Current Fics)

Another Door Opens - Written for a Valentine\'s Day challenge. Sven has a tragic past, and for some reason whenever I come across a character with a tragic past I immediately want to write a tragic romance to go along with it. Thus, this story was conceived.

Baby Makes Three - Junjou Romantica is one of my favorite series. My favorite character is Hiroki (probably because I\'m a lot like him, personality-wise) and my favorite couple is the Egoist couple because they\'re probably the most realistic of the three. They\'ve been together a long time (six years, at the start of the series) and I figured that it was about time they started talking about kids... without the idiocy of \"male pregnancy.\" Also, I happen to be very supportive of the GLBT community and the right for same-sex couples to marry and adopt children.

Dark Heart Dawning - This story is one of three I was asked to write by a friend. All she said was that she wanted a romance for each of her three favorite characters in Bleach. Otherwise, I had free reign to do whatever I wanted. Without giving too much of the story away, I knew I wanted to do something that looked into the origins of kidou, since it\'s not really explained at all in canon. After that decision was made, the story took on a life of its own...

Double Trouble - Did you really think I\'d only write about one of the Hosts? OHSHC is one of my favorite animes, and so I figured all the boys deserve a little lovin\'. Since I\'m a dedicated TamaHaru fan, that means coming up with gals for each of the remaining Hosts. As you can probably tell by the title, this one is about the twins... and I\'m not saying anything else because I don\'t want to give anything away.

Enigma - This is another one of those stories I do so love to write: The kind where I get to speculate to my heart\'s content about a character\'s past. In this case, L is the man of the hour. I wanted to explore what he might have been like when he was younger, and also sort of try to explain the reason behind certain tics and habits he has in canon.

Hate the Sinner, Hate the Sin - Criminal Minds is my second-favorite non-anime show after House. I love it. I\'m a big crime show fanatic, and I love psychology, so it fits my tastes perfectly. The problem? With my over-active imagination, I watch the show and in the back of my mind I\'m thinking up cases for the BAU to investigate. And thus began my plotting of an extensive series of CM fics. And because I\'m a sucker for romance (as I previously stated), I decided that Reid will get some love in my stories, since nerdy geniuses need more lovin\'.

Heart of Glass, Heart of Stone - I\'m a huge Ouran fan. I\'ve read my fair share of Ouran fanfiction, and I noticed that a lot of the stories centering on Kyouya are somewhat... unbelievable. They have him falling madly in love with the heroine right from the very start. So I decided to write one of my own, despite him not being my favorite character in the series (that honor belongs to Honey, with the twins running a close second).

Innocence Lost - I stopped watching Supernatural part-way through the second season. I\'m sort of glad I did, after hearing my sister bitch about what it turned into in later seasons. One of the main reason I stopped watching was because I was pissed they killed off John. So I decided to create my own stories in which he didn\'t die and the boys continued on their quest of hunting down the demon who killed their mom while offing random baddies here and there.

A Life Best Forgotten - I originally wrote this as part of a request challenge over at the OC Challenge writing community on LiveJournal (back before it was a prompt table challenge). The person making the request wanted a Kingdom Hearts story with Axel and the prompts were clouds and fire. The fire was easy to work with, since it\'s Axel, but the clouds were a bit of a challenge. It was only after I decided to make the story a glimpse into Axel\'s past life (and a crossover with World of Warcraft, in the process) that I figured out how to use the clouds in the story.

The Matchmaker - Poor, poor Rui... He got his heart broken not once, but twice in the course of Hana Yori Dango. And he didn\'t deserve it, because he\'s such a sweetheart. So I decided to give him someone to care about who would actually love him back. Also, I\'m a total Soujiroh/Yuuki fan and this gave me an excuse to sort of play with them together, too.

Mind Swap - I originally started posting my FFVII fanfiction over on LiveJournal, and one of my fans was inspired by my stories to try her own hand at writing. As we were both writing stories involving Reno, I had a crazy idea one day: What if we swapped our Renos and put them in the world the other writer had created in her stories? The idea wouldn\'t die, so I got permission from her to use her versions of the canon characters as well as the OCs she had put in her stories... and voila!

Passion\'s Killing Floor - I love all sorts of mythology, from Greek to Japanese to Norse to Christian. While reading a book on world mythology, I came up with a crazy (but plausible, in my opinion) idea about Sebastian\'s true identity. After a little additional research, I came up with this story. Just a warning, though: There\'s going to be some graphic, violent sex in this one. (Not violent as in rape but, well... you\'ll see.)

Project V and Calamity\'s Daughter - Both of these stories were born out of a FFVII RP I did with my friend Jayna. Actually... Pretty much every FFVII story I have written/plan to write is based on this sort of alternate universe she and I created. We even went so far as to concoct generation after generation of children for our beloved characters (mostly the Turks, but the others are there, too).

Wild Roses - Another of the three Bleach fics requested by my late friend Chelsea. This time she wanted not just a romance, but specifically a het romance, because she was sick of Yumichika being depicted as gay - and I happen to agree with her. I\'m also using this one as a way to write about one of my favorite characters in the series: Juushirou Ukitake. And yes, Ukitake really does have seven siblings in canon.

(Future Fics)

The Becoming - I love speculating about a character\'s backstory, especially when pretty much nothing is known about said character\'s past. I\'m also somewhat obsessed with the Turks from Final Fantasy VII, particularly Reno. This story is my version of what I think might have happened in Reno\'s past.

Dumb Love - I haven\'t started writing this story yet, and the title is still subject to change, but this was probably the most difficult of the three proposed Bleach stories to come up with: A Kon romance fic. But that\'s why I agreed to do it! The idea of a romance revolving around a mod soul who\'s bound to a plushie was intriguing, and after some thinking I finally figured out a way to pull it off. How well I manage to do so remains yet to be seen, though.

The Ghost of You - Along the same vein of stories that look into a character\'s backstory... I came up with this idea after reading the translations of the Ghost Hunt novels online. (I saw the anime last year and spent months looking for somewhere I could read these books since I can\'t read Japanese.) It occurred to me that they only vaguely touched upon Naru\'s life before he took on the identity of Kazuya Shibuya and moved to Japan. And that question he asked Mai after she confessed her feelings to him also got the wheels in my head turning... so yeah. Not like I really need to start another story, but it\'s in the works.

Polar Attraction - Magnets work because two parts with opposite charges are attracted to each other. People often say that \'opposites attract\' for this very reason. In my final Ouran match-up fic, Mori meets a girl who is his opposite in just about every way.

Rekindled - I never liked the Shin/Yankumi pairing in the Gokusen fandom. I was happy with the way the drama ended, with Shin going off to Africa to find himself and decide on his own future. However, I knew that if he ever met with with Yankumi again, he might feel a bit confused about his feelings toward her - especially if he was currently involved with someone else. Thus, this story was conceived.

Springtime\'s Requiem - Yet another prequel to a story I\'m currently working on. This time, it\'s Katsumi\'s past that gets delved into. A lot of this is going to be about her past relationship with Byakuya. It will likely be quite long and probably will lead up to the start of Wild Roses.

The Sweetest Thing - There\'s a serious lack of romance fics involving Honey (not counting all the Honey/Mori slash that\'s around). Probably because he\'s such a cute Loli-Shota type. That doesn\'t mean he doesn\'t deserve love, too! So I decided the best thing is to fight fire with fire... or match cuteness with cuteness, as the case may be.

Thicker Than Water - Yes, I know: There\'s already a ton of \"House has a kid\" fics out there. However, I decided to change things up a bit from the usual formula... This isn\'t some kid House never knew about who shows up out of the blue, and they don\'t immediately hit it off and have hugs and kisses and family bonding time. I actually started writing this story in 2006, after being diagnosed with ESRD. It was my way of coping with what I\'d been going through with my health. So, needless to say, Rachel is more like me than any of the other OCs I\'ve come up with. (This story is currently being re-worked to include the newer team members and more recent plot developments.)

When You Were Young - I broke down... While writing Another Door Opens, I was contemplating writing a prequel about Sven and Jeanette\'s relationship, starting with their first meeting. I went back and forth until I finally decided I should probably just write the damn thing or else it will bug me mercilessly for who knows how long.

Falling Into You - As I previously mentioned, my FFVII fics are based on an RP I did with a friend a number of years ago. As the RP evolved, we ended up creating generation after generation of descendants for the canon characters. This story is actually about two members of the first generation of kids: Reno & Cera\'s daughter and Tseng & Elena\'s son. (With the other kids of the canon characters making appearances, throughout.) It\'s my first shot at writing this sort of fic, but I thought I\'d try my hand at it.

X Number of Criminal Minds Fics - I\'m not going to list them all, because at last count I had about twenty of them plotted in my notebook. Needless to say, my plot bunnies went crazy with this show. They are all essentially casefics, with varying degrees of romance throughout.

Other Fandoms I will (probably) be writing for in the future, at some point: Antique Bakery, Darker Than BLACK, Heavy Rain, Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl), Pandora Hearts, Tactics, Weiß Kreuz, and World of Warcraft


By far, my biggest source of inspiration when writing is music. I am a huge music fan and will listen to just about anything, depending upon my mood. Music plays such a huge part in my writing process that I have a tendency to create \"soundtracks\" for my stories, which I then listen to as I write. Here are some of the songs that have inspired at least part of the stories you see listed here, complete with links to download them for your listening pleasure:

Baby Makes Three

Teenage Dream by Darren Criss (from Glee) - I\'m not a Katy Perry fan. Far from one, in fact. But I absolutely loved this cover the first time I heard it on Glee, and I think the sentiment of the song\'s lyrics is perfect for my beloved Egoist couple: Hiroki knows he\'s not perfect, but Nowaki makes him feel like everything can be wonderful.

Dark Heart Dawning

Dark Heart Dawning by BT - The song this story got its title from. I didn\'t realize it at first, but it\'s actually rather fitting for the plot of the story.

Gravity of Love by Enigma - The prerequisite love song for the story. I thought it worked equally well for both Daria and Kisuke.

Yours Truly by Blindspott - This song was actually chosen because it more or less partly describes a certain scene I will be writing for a future chapter of the story.

Heart of Glass, Heart of Stone

Love at First Sight by Kylie Minogue - I think the title of the song is enough to explain why I picked it for this particular story.

Our Story ~Prologue~ by KAT-TUN - The end of this story has already been written. I got hit with a flash of inspiration after hearing this song for the first time, and it just came flowing out. Then I found a translation of the lyrics and found it fit pretty damn perfectly.

Maggi a Serenata

Für Elise by Beethoven - In my mind, this is the song Gokudera was playing at the beginning of the story.

Halo by Beyonce - This song just about perfectly fits with Gokudera\'s personality and his feelings about falling in love. I love the fact that there\'s a piano part in it, too, to sort of tie it in with Gokudera\'s piano playing. The \'halo\' reference is also fitting for Gianna, as you shall see in the future...

Everything by Lifehouse - This song inspired a certain turn of events that will take place during the future arc in the story. I\'m not going to say anything else, because that would be giving too much away.

Mr. Brightside by The Killers - This is actually Dino\'s song for this story. It came up on my iPod one day and it struck me how perfect it was for the situation he\'s in with Gianna and Gokudera.

Wild Roses

crushcrushcrush by Paramore - Somehow, it seems to fit the nature of the relationship between Yumichika and Katsumi, at least after they stop trying to kill each other.

Animals by BT - This song just screams \'gratuitous sex scene.\' Whether or not I end up actually writing one for this story has yet to be determined, though.

The Ghost of You

The Ghost of You by My Chemical Romance - Yes, I stole the story title from this song. It\'s one of my favorite MCR songs, and once again it fit the idea I have perfectly.

The Matchmaker

Touched By Love by Eran James - I just love this song. And I think it\'s perfect for Rui & Erika and their (somewhat) unexpected romance. I\'ve been listening to this non-stop while writing the next chapter, in fact, because I can hear it playing in my head during one part in particular.

If you have any problems with downloading any of these songs, please let me know and I will look into it. Thanks, and enjoy!
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