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I've stopped writing reader insert stories for a number of reasons, but I will be leaving all of my current ones up for those who enjoy them.

I'm trying to write more for Darksiders, since I requested the category, as well as Shadow of the Colossus and ICO. I'll be putting in a request soon for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, because attractive muscly men wearing not a lot of clothes.

One of my favorite things in writing is original characters in a pre-established setting, especially if it's several characters. Which is something I need to do more of.

What I've Been Working on for Far Too Long and 100% Need to Finish Because I'm an Idiot and My Attention Span is That of a Goldfish:

-Darksiders 2 - “Between Heaven and Hell”

Note: Everything below is on hold until "Between Heaven and Hell" is finished.
-A Song of Ice and Fire - Parts 1 through 3. Original character cast.
-Bleach - “It’s A Date”
-Bleach - “Together Again”
-Bleach - “Together Apart”
-Darksiders 2 - “Enthusiasm”. Another smut, hoo boy.
-Green Lantern - “Pas de Vert”
-Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure - “Crush”
-Lord of the Rings - “Of Hobbits and Dwarves”
-One Piece - “Tango for Two” rewrite. Now with 75% more back-talking, 100% more Red-Haired Shanks, and 99% less badly written sex.
-One Piece - “Vacation Day”. Two people who don't know how to act like normal human beings go out to dinner and try not to make a scene.
-Original - “Look Alive, Sunshine”
-TERA - “Masters of Disaster”
-Warcraft - “A Song for the Moon”
-Warcraft - “Downfall”. Fall of the Lich King alternate timeline.
-Warcraft - “Force of Nature”
-Warcraft - “In the Light”. Alternate timeline.
-Warcraft - “Wind Songs and Lullabies”
-Vampire Hunter D - “Blood of the Vampire Moon”

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