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Hello. Um yeah. This is my page. I was actually kind of conserticus (not a real word by the way) about making an account here because of the whole standard of quality thing. Oh well, haha. (wow that sounds really bad.)

A little bit about me:

My favorite book: Elegence of the Hedgehog (hence the id), if you read it, you can probably see a lot of it in the Genevieve plotline.

My favorite movies:
Ahh, too many to count! Other than Hayao Miyazaki films (which are genius!) and Pirates of the Carribean...probably Amelie...and others too

My favorite manga:
I used to like Naruto, but I kinda got sick of no strong female characters and Sasugay, err, Sasuke. But, I do keep up with the manga, and I have to say Killerbee and Raikage are B.A. I also like Madara.
I do like Katekyo Hitman Reborn though, it\'s so funny! I also like Durarara! Especially Izaya, he\'s so deliciously crazy! I guess villains and crazies are just so much more interesting than the heroes. On a different note, I do like Kimi ni Todoke. It is the epitome of cuteness!

My favorite blog is What White People Like. I think the sad thing is that some of it applies to me, haha. Actually alot of it does... (P.S. I like Banksy haha)

I hope you like my work!
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