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Recently Norge_Luver now turned and changed to mactimerica (don't worry I am the same person).

I'm a college student, studying Graphic Design who spends most of her time on the intergoogles.

Sorry for keeping all you people waiting but it is difficult for me to get my stories on here.

So I'm here to update you guys on things I will be working on mostly and maybe randomly update on Luna:

Family First


Interest: Undecided

Update: DISCONTINUED (sorry)

- - - -

Happy Birthday


Interest: Various

Update: DISCONTINUED (sorry)

- - - -


Hey guys! Sorry I have been MIA for ages, but I've been busy on and off and due to no laptop, I have kinda almost stopped writing all together. Okay but here is the thing, I am actually thinking about starting up again.

Sadly I don't think I will continue updates for my older things, but I will keep them up instead of removing them like I used to do on Zilla before it was closed down.

And here is another thing. Yes I still write for Hetalia, I'm still very much in that fandom, but I can probably write for other, older, not so popularly written for shows as well.

Just saying keep an eye out for updates, because my writing will be strictly done on my phone. Also, I'm a tad rusty, so please forgive me if my things aren't as good as when I was a whippersnapper!

Oh and one more thing: I write short and sweet now, so you might see mostly one-shots or short series.

Thank you for understanding and even sticking by my. Sorry for everything! ouoa hope you guys can forgive me~
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