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Hi!  I don't have a set nickname or anything, so call me whatever you feel like.  I still have a lot to learn about writing and story telling, but it's fun and I hope to create an enthralling tale one day!

[GotVG account]

Feel free to ask for my skype! [Timezone: GMT+11]

A little about me

・Underaged university student
・Self-studying Japanese
・Slowly collecting the entire KHR manga (plus novels and character/art books)
・Translating the KHR light novels
・Collecting ēlDLIVE as well
・You can bet my life's savings I will collect (and translate) a bunch of Psycho Pass stuff coming out, too
・If it isn't obvious yet, I love Amano Akira's work/art
・Profoundly adores (non-erotic) guro/gore
・A little difficult to talk to, but I try!
・Whines like a sore baby a lot haha
・Likes to attempt too many things at once
・Namikawa Daisuke and KENN are my favourite seiyuu
・But Kaji Yuki is my lord and saviour
・One time, I almost started a family crisis after eating my brother's cinnamon rolls by accident


[Sibling!Reader x Fran]・[4yl!Mukuro x Reader]

Status: 25/26 chapters written. Updated Sunday/Thursday nights (as validated).

[3yl!Basil x Reader]

Status: Oneshot - 20% written. High priority.

・Somewhere Only We Know・
[Byakuran x Reader x Giotto]・[Final||Reader x Surprise]

Status: 1/?? chapters written. Medium priority.

[Hibari x Reader]

Status: Detailing outline; chapter count unknown. Med-low priority.

・Raining Ash・
[Gokudera x Reader]

Status: Oneshot concept. Low priority.

[Hibari x Reader]

Status: Oneshot concept. Low priority.

・Tales of Black Dog・
[Kuroh x Reader]

Status: Oneshot - detailing outline. Medium priority.

Favorite Authors
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