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Heart of the Fire Dragon Slayer: 34/64 chapters

Reader X Natsu

hints of Reader X Gray

Cold Like Ice : 13/30 chapters

Reader X Gray

Prodigy Confessions: 3/??? chapters

Fuji X Reader X Yukimura

Snowy Love II: 3/??? chapters

Reader X Saito

The Royal Family of Ylisse: 10/??? chapters

Reader X Chrom

Naga's Blessings: 2/??? chapters

Reader X Libra

Sugar: 2/??? chapters

Reader X Gaius

Ikiru Riyu: 6/??? chapters

Reader X Various

Mizuko: 6/??? chapters

Reader X Makoto Tachinbana

A Swimmer's Wife: 4/??? chapters

Reader X Various

Ten Year Old Prodigy: 1/??? chapters

Reader X Haruka Nanase

A Basketball Player's Wife: 1/??? chapters

Reader X Various

Cherry Blossoms: 6/??? chapters

Reader X Hijikata

Golden Star Moments: 2/??? chapters

Reader X Harada

Fierce Knockout: 3/??? chapters

Reader X Nagakura

♦I only publish my works under the same username, if my stories are found under anything else it is a fraud.

♦The only places I publish my works in are Jamly and Luna. I do not write on any other sites. If you see my stories some place else, please notify me.

♦I do not profit anything from writing.

Disclaimer: I do not own you or the various characters. Unless stated otherwise, I do own the plot.

♦The following OC(s) belong to me:

◊Jupiter: featured in “Free Falling” by Mrs Kitty Corpse.

◊Nonoki Sanae: featured in my "Snowy Love."

◊Sakura Hijikata: Hijikata's wife in "Snowy Love" and "Golden Star Moments" and "Fierce Knockout."

◊Yukiko Saitou: Saitou's wife in "Cherry Blossoms" and "Golden Star Moments" and "Fierce Knockout."

◊Hoshiko Nagakura/Harada: Shinpachi's cousin and Harada's wife in "Snowy Love" and "Cherry Blossoms" and "Fierce Knockout."

◊Akane Tsubasa: Shinpachi's girlfriend and Sakura's friend in "Snowy Love" and "Cherry Blossoms" and "Golden Star Moments."

◊Mizuki Ayako: swim team captain, featured in my "Prodigy Confessions."

◊Mieko Rika: swim team senior, featured in my "Prodigy Confessions."

♦I do take requests.

♦I do listen to helpful criticism. Unless rudely pointed out, I will not attack.

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