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...and it is because of moments like this, of your face pressed into his shirt, smelling of rainwater and boyish cologne, the scent of wood and warmth, your hands around his waist, fingers digging into the fabric, the feel of his eyes stealing peeks at you whenever they can get the chance, the wonder of whether or not he can feel your heart beating against your breast, because you can feel his.


“Hey…” she started. “What’s your name anyways? I mean, we should probably know each other’s names, considering there seem to be coincidences everywhere.”

He smirked, dropping his guard by a centimeter. “Stalking me?”

She laughed. It sounded like wind chimes. “For someone who styles his hair like a cockatiel, you’ve got a pretty big ego.”





Salutations from Peru! Still alive (: Still writing, peeps. Right now, just waiting for 02-04 to get approved for Wildflowers, and for the first chapter of Shades to get approved as well.

Happy writing!



Hi! Okay, so I updated WILDFLOWERS with drabbles 02-04; just waiting on it to be approved. I also started a new story called SHADES based on a couple of challenges I read about that realllyy got my brain going -- that'll be up soon, whenever it is approved as well.

Also, I set FUNNY LOVE to a completion status because, well, it wasn't really going anywhere anyways, and I've got other drabbles that I'm having more fun doing, and with more determination to finish.

FISH OUT OF WATER and BROTHERS IN ARMS is placed on HIATUS, officially, even though it has been on hiatus for several years. I still do want to pick it back up; just currently looking through ways on reviving it!

AND THAT'S IT. Those are the updates!

This week, I'll be flying to Peru for a study abroad opportunity; I don't expect it to really get in the way of updating because I've got a huge chunk of WILDFLOWERS already written, as well as the second chapter of SHADES, so if anything I can just quickly update and worry about writing when I get back.

Welp. Happy writing, everyone! Have a good week!



Hi guys! I'm back on Lunaescence (at least, I'm trying to be). I've got an itch in my fingers to write, and I thought it'd be fun to start updating stories again.

I've noticed that, when trying to write longer chapters, I do get a bit winded for ideas, for motivations, for things to fill up and how to get from point A to point B, so what I figure I"ll do is write some stories in a drabble style that I've seen become really popular. Hopefully that'll give me a bit of a break, and also just keep me writing!

I'm gonna try to update weekly, if not biweekly, on Fridays! I think Fridays are a good time to do things. Maybe Sundays.

I guess I'll just let you know haha.

Keep an eye out! Oh, how I've missed this place :)
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