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solidarity for my hon until he's totally resurrected by melisandre next season, using a flaming sword to kill every wight/white walker in the area, because he's 100% azor ahai reborn and will ride dragons with his aunt dany and... [wearing tinfoil dress to prom at this point]

infj taurus 21-year-old college student, part-time cook, part-time napper/crybaby in michigan y'all. studying international affairs and german without planning to move to germany (if only) or work in international affairs. got a three-bookcase library and willing it to triple one night so i can wake up to more room for me to sink my money into more books. e-mail me your detailed real feels

College starts back up again September 9th; I have no idea how my updating's gonna look but brace for impact

Mozart's Corner of ~*~Fun~*~ !

current updating track: afl --> tnk --> athm --> ... FUCK IT, WE'LL DO IT LIVE

Tomorrow Never Knows

It was fairly unlikely that you, the lowest-quality spy in your company, would ever hope to equal the high-quality spy you were impersonating. But in your defense, American programming always emphasized the underdog coming out on top.
Completion: [20/25] bullets spent

All the Hanged Men

The question should have been "W.I.I.F."? But for you, the question usually is, "What the hell, Jesse?"
Completion: [16/39] cooks

Achtung, fertig, los!

The good news: by the end of it all you'll be really good at pronouncing "Lass mich allein."
Completion: [04/20] instances of accidental nudity

You & the Night

What would life be without spelunking a love cavern or two?
Completion: [04/26] risky clicks

Mozart's Corner of Hiatus and Questionable Updating Patterns

One Flew East, One Flew West

And the most you could say was, "whoops."
Completion: [9/??] days of morning sickness

La Douleur Exquise

The entire language of flowers couldn't express how much you wanted to drown him in a bathtub sometimes.
Completion: [5/???] arrangements

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