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Why, hello there! I am an insane chick, I like a couple of things, dislike others, love many, hate very few. >> I know, how specific huh? Kind of like Kakashi when he introduced himself to Team 7.

*ahem* Anyway, I\'ve watched a couple of anime, including Saiyuki, The World God Only Knows, Bleach, Death Note, Naruto (obviously), Naruto Shippuden, first season of Hellsing, a couple of episodes of Tsubasa Chronicles and xxxHolic, quite a few episodes of Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, and stray episodes of One Piece.

Vampires aren\'t really my thing, but I\'m ok with Hellsing.

I read A LOT, and the more memorable books I\'ve read and utterly loved are the Immortals Series, The Hunger Games trilogy, the Wicked Lovely series (Wicked Lovely, Ink Exchange, Fragile Eternity, Radiant Shadows, and Darkest Mercy), the Uglies series, the Chronicles of Prydain, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Harry Potter (of course), Midnight\'s Choice, Fallen and its sequel Torment (I don\'t know that they have a name for that series), Haven, The Woman Warrior, Memoirs of a Geisha, Wondrous Strange and its sequel Darklight (I haven\'t gotten to Tempest yet, gah!), Graceling, Hope Was Here, Code Orange, Real World, Another Day in the Frontal Lobe, the trilogy of Wake, Fade, and Gone (I can\'t remember whether they have a title for the trilogy either), the first Vampire Hunter D novel (NOT the graphic one haha) and that\'s all I can think of at the moment. :D

As for video games, I love, love LOVE Final Fantasy 7(including Crisis Core), 10, 10-2, and 12. I also love Sims 3, Resonance of Fate, Fable, Dissidia, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Jeanne d\'Arc, and Trickster Online. On meh iPhone I play Across Age, Diner Dash, Fantastic Knight, Assassin\'s Creed, Kawaii Pet MEGU and Kingdoms at War.

My fave bands of ALL TIME are Linkin Park (Chester Bennington is my hubby) and Evanescence. I grew up with those lovelies. I also like 3 Doors Down, 3 Days Grace, Aerosmith, OneRepublic, Daft Punk, Black Eyed Peas, and Within Temptation. As for composers I love John Williams (awesome movie soundtracks), Nobuo Uematsu (music for most if not all Final Fantasy games), and Takeharu Ishimoto (music for Crisis Core). As for just genre, I like pretty much a little bit of everything except death metal (I can go as far as heavy metal but past that, it\'s just not my thing) and country. I like everything in between. :D Classical, Electronica, Rock, J-rock, J-pop, Reggaeton (that\'d be my Puerto Rican-ness shining through), hip-hop, pop, R&B, jazz, tango, . . . the list goes on.

And that\'s I\'ve got so far for bio. I might add more if I come up with more haha~
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