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What I wouldn\'t give for the TARDIS to land in my backyard and for The Doctor to take me away.

I\'m an New England lass that is now 20 years of age. I\'m convinced I was born in the wrong decade, as I\'m in love with the organized crime of the 1920s-30s and big band music. Often, I\'ll cuddle up with a cup of hot chocolate and have a seven hour marathon of the Godfather, and The Godfather, Part II. (I refuse to see the third.)

I\'m rather loud and goofy, but only when I\'m familiar with people. There\'s this weird bit of me that has me jump up and do the choreography (I honestly couldn\'t be bothered to check if that\'s spelled right.) of Bad Romance and Alejandro. Maybe it\'s because I\'m a raging Little Monster.

Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, and Karl Pilkington are my heroes.

I love drag queens and RuPaul is so much better looking than I am. It\'s fabulous.

I have a rather crazy obsession with Doctor Who. It\'s honestly the most creative thing I have ever had the pleasure to stumble upon. I hope the fandom will grow on Luna.

Talk to me if you like. I don\'t mind, and I also don\'t bite. I may ram the TARDIS into you, though...Does my insurance cover acts of TARDIS?

Facebook is fun, too.

If you\'d like, responed to my Doctor Who challenge! I tried to make it as fun as possible.

Click here! And look how happy you would make David!


Time is Eternity

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Lions In the Dark (It Hurts Me Too)

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Cranial Compacity

Part 2 to come!
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