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I just turned 17 this September ( I know I\'m just getting so old!). I want nothing more than to have people read my work and tell me if it\'s any good. i started a Quizilla account because i was tired of too many unfinished piece\'s being scraped because of what me or my small group of bff\'s think, but like just about everyone else i converted to other sites because the Quizilla staff were being jerks!! I do have alot of stuff on there that I\'m going to convert over so be patient with me!

As far as school goes; it ALWAYS comes first!! Even before i eat and sleep sometimes. I\'m not like an A+ student but i have a very high gpa and i plan on keeping it that way!! I go to high school and college at the same time so I\'m usually busy but don\'t worry if i\'m messaging you i\'m usually bored or procrastinating!! (Spelled right?)

Oh yeah, and i can\'t spell!! (Go figure) So the things on my little author notes and what not are like so going to have errors i already know!! Thank God for spell check on Google Chrome and Word.

I Can\'t live without Anime, Manga, and Video Games!! Love them to death!! That\'s basiclly what my stories are about but one day i\'ll branch off into original storys!! (Hopefully)

I\'m into almost every type of anime and games so if you want me to cheak one out please tell me about it!!

I have a Accounts on other sites:
And here now Check them out!! .

Other things about me:
Gender: Female

Birthday: September 4th

Fav color: Yellow

Fav animal: Tiger

Fav flavor: Choco


My top fav anime/manga/games to write about at the moment are:

-The Legend of Zelda

-Harvest Moon

-Dragon Ball Z


-Sonic the Hedgehog Story

-Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

-Ouran High School Host Club

-Baka to Test

-Angel Beats!
...I can\'t think of them all right now.
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