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If anyone is reading this....
Ok, so sorry anyone who is waiting for updates on my Piccolo story! Its been long since I've put up anything. I've gotten so busy and writing isn't a top priority (doesn't mean I've put up writing because I've been writing when I get the chance.) Life changes and a broken laptop are totally holding me back from posting.

I'm thinking about rewriting Perfect Neutrality because I feel as if it's missing something. Maybe renaming it, maybe not, but I am for sure rewriting and changing the plot.

So.....yep. That's it. K.


Likes: Piccolo, Kisame, writing, donuts, boobs, BTR, Dubstep (wubwubwubwub)
Dislikes: Reese\'s cups (Only the cups! xD), jelly-filled donuts, fake boobies
Looks: 2 eyes, one mouth, a nose, and brown hair
Ich bin Mexicanisch :)

Currently obsessed with: Thor, Loki, and watermelons xD

Soon to come! :)

-All or Nothing
Summary: No summary yet.
[Seto Kaiba/Reader]

-Bad Parenting
Summary: Once upon a time Kisame and (Y/N) settled down in the Mist Village. Came a year when they had their first child. Another year passed and then came the second child. A couple years later, both boys already at a nice age and (Y/N) gave birth to yet another child. Here are bits and pieces of their lives together.

Summary: You and Trunks grow up together.

-El Perdedor
Summary: He lost you to the winner.

-Down That Road
Summary: No Summary Yet.

-Enough Time
Summary: He couldn\'t kill you, let alone hurt you...even if his life depended on it.

Summary: Definition: a girl or woman who is attracted to gay men.

Summary: That\'s what you are to Malik. Trash. You are disgusting trash that he doesn\'t bother picking up.
[Yami Malik/Reader]
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