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Hello, my name (or penname rather) is Antonia Vargas. I am trying to improve my writing skills and I have a rather large love of cetain anime/manga/books so the result is myself working on fanfiction. I absolutely love this archive because it\'s actually moderated and trained me how to find good fanfiction on othe non-moderated archives (which due to Sturgeon\'s law is quite hard). I shall do my best to keep my work decent, so I bid thee adieu.

Some Stuff about Antonia:

-I am a third person person. So occasionally Antonia will not use \"I\" when referring to Antonia.
-I daydream A LOT therefore, sometimes the things I come up with can be a bit strange. And that\'s where I get my fanfiction ideas.
-Caffeine and sugar are all that keeps me awake, what with school, video games and the like.
-I play a lot of video games; I have since I was old enough to hold a controller.
-I\'m a bit, how you say, hyper-active and eccentric. But some of the best people are.
-I like to write (d\'oh, really?).
-I LOVE strawberry shortcake. If that was the only food left on Earth, I guess Antonia would be a fat girly.
-I have two muses. Imogen is great and she gives me good ideas at appropriate times. Psyren is a jerk and he gives me either good ideas at inconvienient times, or annoying ones at any time.
-I tend to ramble.
-I have a personal DreamLand which I inhabit with other great dream people. That sounded a lot better in my head.

I should stop, I\'m starting to go off on a self-centered tangent.

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