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Name: Cloudy Luminosity
Alias: Cloud
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I'm also on:, and Wattpad as Cloudy Luminosity; GotVG as Cloud; and on Quotev and Archive of Our Own as SilverStrings. My stories shouldn't be anywhere else, so if you see them, please alert me.

I'm a college student working toward my degree in Biochemistry. I love writing creatively as a hobby, though, so I like to write fanfiction when I find the time.

Story Statuses as of July 30, 2015

So, I've decided to put everything on hiatus for right now. I know I'm terrible at updating in a timely manner, and frankly it drives me crazy. I've decided to keep my stories on hiatus for the time being until I finish writing them completely. Once I'm done writing, I'll update on a weekly schedule.

Also, with the exception of Always, I have plans to rewrite each of my stories. The new updated versions will be posted once they are finished. Some may take longer than others to be posted since they'll be much longer (particularly for The Winds of Change, Remembrance, and Lost in Time.)

Currently working on:

Always: Chapter 11
Fandom: Hetalia
Main Genres: Alternate Universe/History, Romance.
Rating: 13+ for some violence
Pairing: Switzerland x Country!Reader x France
Expected Continuation: Not until I finish the entire story.

Offsite Projects

The Fawn - A Death Note RP
An interactive role play quiz series in the Death Note universe in which Matt, Mello, and Near are four years older than they were in the original series. The reader is a young woman with the alias "Bambi" who works with Near under L's command until she is called to help Matt and Mello on their case in LA. A series of events caused by this change bring the reader to the front lines of the Kira investigation alongside L and the Japanese Kira Task Force.
- This is both a WWYFF/WWFFY and a CYOA (though the full CYOA parts won't come until later.)
- Prologue through Chapter 23 written. You can read more about it here, and just go to the chapter labeled "Table of Contents" for links to each individual chapter.
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