Member Profile: Ame Yuki
Name: Ame Yuki
Alias: Yesenia
Status: Member
Join Date: 05/27/11
Last Logged In: 12/01/15
Skin: Shuriken
About myself:

I\'m pretty normal, nothing special about me. I\'m mostly shy, but once I know someone I can be crazy. Although I tend to hold the crazy part back during school, only my closest friends know my crazy side. I\'m a person of few words and I only speak when I think its needed.


Playing video games
Playing soccer (although I\'m not on a team, I mostly play just for fun.)
Watching anime

Favortive anime/manga:

D. Gray Man
Black Bulter
Vampire Knight
Trinity Blood
Black Cat
Black Blood Brothers
Tegami Bachi
Gundum Wing
Howl\'s Moving Castle

Just to name a few.

Favortive video games:

Castlevaina Lords of Shadow
any Naruto game
Mortal Kombat
Smash Bros.
The Legend of Zelda

Currently Working on:

\"There Is Yet To Know\"

Completed: Chapter 1- 11
In progress: Chapter 11
Chapter 11 22%
Re- Editing: Chapter 1- 6
Chapter 1: Done
Chapter 2 & 3: 0%
Chapter 4: 0%

A story I\'m still working on, but should be up sooner or later. I\'m still working on a few adjustments. It a story involving you and the Naruto characters, its set in Naruto Shippuden where everyone is a bit older. I was intending on making my story follow the manga, but that would be like a never ending story so I decide to base it off on some of it. There will be a pairing, but I\'m still debating on who it\'ll be.

\"With Me\"

In progress: completion 15%

It pretty must the sequel to \"Back to December\", I\'m still messing with the idea to see how it turns out. If it goes the way I plan I\'ll post it, if not I might mess with it a bit more and than post what I come up with. And just like the first one the pairing with be you X roxas.

\"Unexpected Encounter\"

Completed: 0%
In progress:
Chapter 1: 10%

On a more important note:

This is what I\'m working on, but I have been forced to slow down on my work since school will starting soon and I have much to do for my senior year in high school that I must prepare for. However as soon as I have some free time I will try to post things up.
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