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Aha! Well you see, I do most of my work from my phone. Hence any typos, and I write my stories in a notebook(duh!) and then I post them from my phone...its alot of work! But its worth it! ^^\'I will do beta, clearly, and I will do my best to write good stories! I will also try to update and stuff. Uhhh...yeah soo... Heh uhhmmm I like almost all anime and manga... Im a yaoi/yuri fan and Im sort of a pervert...haha just kidding...but seriously. I am currently into Axis Powers Hetalia but my all time favorite anime is probably Death Note. ^^ I also am a fan of Vampire Knights and almost all manga. I like music like Paramore, Taking Back Sunday, Blood On The Dance Floor you know, stuff like that, and... OH! J-Pop heh I love doing para para dances and Im a pretty well-rounded Otaku, if I do say so myself. Thats all for now, seeing as how I can no longer feel my right hand >< But before I go! Im left-handed and I work in a Library!

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