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1/18/12 10:16 pm

Hi-ho! You can call me Sox, it\'s short and sweet and to the point. I have another account on here (I\'ll never tell you~), but that one is used for writing fanfiction. This one will be for original fiction (and lord knows I have a ton of those (in the process, anyway)). Onto information~!

General Information

Name: Sox!

Age: Teenager!

Sex: Not yet—wait, I mean female. Heh.

About me: Well, I\'m really shy at first, but once you know me, and we talk regularly, I\'m extremely loud, outgoing, and funny. I do like anime (as most people on this website do), but I\'m not writing for it on this account. Go somewhere else to read my fanfiction. But I\'ll never tell you my account name. Because that would ruin the whole point of making this account. I made it so people wouldn\'t read an original story of mine and say, \"Hey! You wrote this fanfiction! Hahaha!\" or whatever. :P


Favorite colors: Shiny silver, bright/neon green, and every single shade of blue. There isn\'t one I don\'t like, although I like cerulean and lapis lazuli and azure a bit more than others. And Prussian blue. Yeah...!

Favorite animal: Read my full username~!

Favorite things to do: Well, I\'m on here, aren\'t I? Obviously reading and writing, drawing (although I\'m not too good at it), laughing with friends (I do that all the time), listening to music, and coming up with story ideas from songs (I can\'t tell you how often that\'ll happen. In fact, I just heard Cat\'s in the Cradle, and I\'m either creating a random one shot song fic, or an entire song story (using a new line each chapter). The latter sounds REAL good now. I\'ll work on it tomorrow.)
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