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Breezy: 21-year-old ultra introverted and impoverished college kid, or sparkly force of shoujo justice?

The world may never know.


Dresses with pockets, comic books, anything mint, feminist literature, cute animals, the Sims, MH4U, rom-coms, Asian dramas, Tamaki Suoh, Papyrus, Sailor Moon, and my wonderful boyfriend.

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Listening to:
Hello by Adele
Reading: Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey
Watching: Game Grumps: Super Mario Galaxy

Greetings, you absolute darlings. Lots of exciting things are happening lately!
Please bear with me as I wrap my head around them, shake off some dust, and put my fingers back to the keys!
Fall semester is coming to a close, and I have decided to be merciful towards myself and my pocketbook and not do winter term.
Thus, a large chunk of my time will be available for writing and queue tackling (once I'm properly trained, of course).
As always, thank you for your time and attention! BREEZY OUT!

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