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\"Haruhi, isn\'t this crab crabtivating?\"

10/11/13: It has been an age! But, I finally finished Accomplishment, so all that\'s left is to get the chapters validated! Yay! Also, it says I don\'t have any contact information; however, to your left under my avatar there is a little \"contact author\" link which will take you to a sub-page that allows you to e-mail me. So, if you\'d like to contact me on the progress of any stories I may post- or just want to say hi, go for it. ^-^

9/7/12: A brand new Kanda fic is in the works. I\'m stoked to see how it turns out. :3

7/18/12: I have strawberries. I\'m also watching Samurai 7. :o Debating making a fic for it. Maybe. . . Also! Please click the banner above for more information about the Review Initiative! It is indeed worth your time. ^-^

7/7/12: Woo! Happy late 4th of July everyone! Chapter 5 of Accomplishment is up!

6/23/12: My apologies for the ridiculous wait on the next Accomplishment chapter. Getting each chapter validated takes a long time, and I\'m not the best at honing in on all the flaws in my own writing. Just know that they are all written! It\'s just taking a while to get them on here. (:

5/8/12: I\'ve gone slightly icon crazy. Just slightly. o_\'o


1. What is your occupation? Unemployed in Greenland.

2. What color are your socks right now? Gasp! My feet! They’re naked!

3. Favorite food? That crunchy chewy cheese-y thing from Taco Bell~~ (>’.’)>

4. What was the last movie you watched? Les Miserables!
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