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Name: RaeCarastase
Alias: Rae
Status: Author
Join Date: 07/13/11
Last Logged In: 06/23/16
Skin: Shinigami_HPB
Links: _DA raecarastase
Screen Name: RaeCarastase (Just Call me Rae or Rach or Rachel, doesn\'t really matter haha!)

Resides in: Canada

Age: not too old, not too young. Merely a student of the arts, striving for excellence :)

Birthday: The 23rd of July

If you ever feel like contacting me, email me or send me a PM . :)

Reasons for having Lunaescence : for posting my fanfics, reading fanfics and being in a fanfic community to get to know other authors

I absolutely adore these characters: Yami Bakura, Ryou Bakura, Marik Ishtar, Seto Kaiba,Kai Hiwatari, Ray Kon, Germany, France, England.

AND ALSO: If you read my fanfics, I would be THRILLED if you left a review :) I love getting feedback and gaining insight from my readers about my work :)

I DO have accounts in Fos-FF and DeviantArt that goes by the name RaeCarastase, so if you ever happen to run into one of my stories there, don\'t worry! It is posted up by me and not plagiarized. Unless the author isn\'t RaeCarastase. But, I doubt that will happen.

Animes that I know of: (not in order according to favourites)

1) Axis Powers Hetalia
2) Naruto
3) Inuyasha
4) Vampire Knight
5) Fushigi Yuugi
6) Ouran High School Host Club
7) Fruits Basket
8) Bayblade
9) Yu-Gi-Oh!
10) Pokemon (ahah! Loved it when I was a kid!)

Well as for mangas besides the ones mentioned:
1) Stepping On Roses
2) Ultra Cute

I\'m pretty sure I know more shows and I feel like I\'m missing something but I just can\'t get to it. Well, I\'d get to it sooner or later. :)

And I have a fan fiction update blog! So, it basically talk about upcoming updates and stuff!

fanfic update blog:

Yeah, so if there are any questions at all, feel free to PM me or shoot me an email at :)

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