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Hello everyone, thanks for visiting my author\'s page!

There\'s not much I can think of to say here-- I used to write fanfiction on a number of other sites under the penname of TheDarknessWithin. I lost interest in both the shows I was watching (and thus writing for) and in writing stories itself. Strangely enough, five years later, I\'ve found the desire has returned and I have a few unfinished stories I\'d like to return too. Hopefully I become inspired with a couple new ideas, too!

If you read any of my works, please review. I\'m not looking for a slue of positive remarks (although, they\'re nice of course ^^) but mostly for constructive criticism. Any piece of advice that can contribute to me becoming a better writer is valuable. That\'s one of the reasons I began writing fanfics in the first place!

Anyways, that\'s what I have to say as an author. If you\'re interested, here\'s some personal information about yours truly:

My name is Chelsi, I\'m 20 as of this writing, but my birthday is on September 16th! Can I get a cheer for drinking legally?!

I grew up in a small town in Arizona, moved away to Phoenix for two years, and am now back in that small town. I\'m finishing up school and saving money to (hopefully) move to California next year.

I have two jobs and I volunteer at the Humane Society, which I ADORE. Seriously, I\'d be there all day If I could. I also have a dog named Mason (after Mason in Dead Like Me ^^) who I adopted last October.

I am constantly told that I look like someone else. 99% of new people who I meet say something along the lines of \"OMG I HAVE A FRIEND WHO LOOKS JUST LIKE YOu!!1!\" or \"You look a lot like (insert random celebrity), you know that?\" I\'ve gotten Katie Holmes, Danika Patrick, and Jennifer Garner. But the one I get the most, from friends and family and strangers, is Emma Watson. A couple of people even call me Hermione occasionally, which isn\'t as cool as an avid Harry Potter fan (like myself) might think. The fact that I have a Harry Potter tattoo doesn\'t help either...

Stephen King is my favorite author. For those of you who\'ve read the Dark Tower Series, you might recognize my penname.

I have the mouth of a sailor. It\'s bad. I don\'t incorporate it into my writing because I don\'t feel like it\'s \"user-friendly\", but in my everyday speech the F-bomb is dropped about as much as \'the.\' Heh.

Annnnnd I lived in Ireland! ............ for a month. :)
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