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date ;; april 30th, 2014
currently watching ;; the rainfall outside.
currently playing ;; megaman 3 blue
current favorite song ;; "tell yourself" by clazziquai


❝ 二兎を追う者は一兎をも得ず。❞
One who chases after two hares won't catch even one.


And for what reason have I been honored by your presence, sweet dear?

Blue. Ponyo. Call me whatever floats your boat! Sporadically active. Hopeless romantic. I'm just an ordinary girl conveying the fantasies of my dreams through art and fanfiction. Let's get along, shall we?

Hoping to inspire. Hoping to motivate. Most important -- hoping to make you smile.

Why not join me for a cup of tea, love? ( ˘ ˘)❤


Bonjour, bonjour mes cheres! Just a quick little update that'll clarify the whirlwind in my mind, aha! Extreeeemely sorry for sporadic activity with fanfictions and whatnot -- I miss frequent updates, I really do, but alas, real life has a way of strengthen the wall to freedom. But don't you dearhearts worry; the inspiration in me's still pretty strong, so I'll be back in action in no time! Regarding activity and expected updates, the following list clears it up in order:

1. distant traces ;; chapter 3 [I'm almost done the chapter actually, eheh -- it's just a little choppy, so there'll be some editing done before I let it out.]
2. angel ;; chapter 23 [THIS SERIES IS COMING TO AN END SOON, DEARS, LET'S SOB TOGETHER. But ahhh, yes, the grand finale isn't too far into the future, so I hope you'll look forward to it!]
3. lost realist ;; chapter 4 [Still under the works, but I got half of it done! Can't ever have too much of Edgey-poo, am I right~?]

I'll choose to focus primarily on the listed series most in contrast to the others, but I'm still power working to get those out, too. I'm planning a couple of more series -- I'll leave it as a surprise!

Take care, and until we speak again!

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