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date ;; january 29th, 2015
currently watching ;; taisetsu na koto wa subete kimi ga oshiete kureta (for the 3785446656th time).
currently playing ;; kingdom hearts birth by sleep.
current favorite song ;; "immortals" by fall out boy


❝ 七転び八起き。❞
Stumbling seven times but recovering eight.

Perseverance is better than defeat.



HALF WAY THROUGH SECOND SEMESTER ALREADY, HOLY CRAP, TIME FLIES. Power-working on assignments for all six courses, Lord have mercy on my soul. But! The bright side is a nice, four-month long summer of re~la~xa~tion! ヽ( ∇ )ノ AND A TON OF TIME DEDICATED TO FANFICTION WRITING, TOO. About time I fulfill all the promises I make, huh?

University's been an amazing experience. Stressful, different, yes, but oh so worth every all-nighter and over-time that graces the places we once called free time. I've learned to manage time, I've learned to be more patient and more kind, I've learned to refrain from blabbering and I've learned to maintain focus. Focusing on many, many aspects, really, even beyond educational boundaries. I was able to realize that some of the people I once held very dear weren't healthy for me at all. I realized the dishonesty, I realized the betrayal, and despite the pain, I'm okay now. I've learned to stand up for myself, learned to be independent, and learned to cope with the fact that-- despite circumstances --I'm okay as long as I continue to be a good person. No one else's opinions matter, nor does anyone harbor the right to tug me towards their preferred direction. University is a stage in life to be treasured. TO THOSE WHO UNDERSTAND MY FEELING, CONTINUE MAKING BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES. And to those almost there -- don't be afraid! Anticipate it! o (◡‿◡✿)

Work hard, you beautiful bunch you, and remember to induldge in fun things frequently. Ponyo'll be kicking butt to get things out on here. AND BOY OH BOY DO I HAVE SOME JUICY NEW CONTENT FOR YOU. 'Till next time! (●⌒∇⌒●)



on the works

1. angel ;; ( devil may cry 4 nero );; chapter 23

2. dune over dune ;; ( yu-gi-oh! atem ) ;; chapter 4

3. lost realist ;; ( phoenix wright: ace attorney miles edgeworth ) ;; chapter 4 -- 50% complete

4. reaching for the stars ;; ( yu-gi-oh! gx past!supreme king ) ;; chapter 3

coming soon

1. drop and give me 20! ;; mini series ( katekyo hitman reborn -- adult!colonello )

2. burning the edges ;; one-shot ( assassin's creed -- ezio auditore )

3. satin ties ;; long-series ( au!corpse party -- kizami yuuya )

4. cardboard boxes ;; mini-series ( tokimeki memorial -- shitara seiji )

5. hanging on a thread ;; drabble series ( big hero 6 -- hiro hamada )

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