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Hello there!

Welcome to my Lunaescence profile my fellow reader and/or writer! Hope you enjoy your stay here and please, feel free to read and review my stories whenever you want xD

Name: Xena

Country: Argentina. Hence, my English may not be that good since it's not my native language. I apologize in advance for that.

Age: Not important at the moment!

I started writing fan fiction about three years ago, and I confess that my first attempt at that was pretty horrible, if not disgusting. However, isn't by trial and error that we all learn to improve? I want to believe that I got somewhat better at it. But like I say, only you, my dear readers, are the ones to judge that.

I'm truly grateful to those who give me encouragement and advice. Hadn't it been by you, I would have never evolved from the awful writer I was to the more or less decent one I am now. I will never forget that, and as a repayment I'll try not to disappoint you in my works.


06/24/15 Sorry I'm taking so long to update my works, and that I'm dropping others midway. I'm trying to sort out my fics in hopes I'll finish one of them these days.

All gifs belong to me.
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