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“Run mad as often as you choose, but do not faint!”
― Jane Austen, Love and Friendship

About Me:I really don't hold to the opinion that there is all that much interesting about me, but I'll give this a go. I've written and told stories for like ever, so how bout a little history.

I was one of those upstarts (way back when) who had the audacity to post, wait for it, reader inserts! Shocking, I know, but I wasn't the only one. We also had the great pleasure of being told that works done in 2nd person wasn't real fiction (true story), and then they deleted all our works, put up bans, blah, blah, blah. So suffice it to say, there was a period of time where I didn't post anything, but that ended once I found a safe haven that would accept all of my works. I've "ran" into some people from the good old days, maybe I'll "run" into some more. ;D

So moving on...

I also do drawings and music. I'm an avid reader, music appreciator, movie/video game lover, etc. It goes without saying that I thoroughly enjoy manga and comics. Plain and simple, I'm a nerd. Although, I'm currently nerding hard on Marvel and The Hobbit.

Favorite Authors: Jane Austen & JRR Tolkien

Note: I like lots of authors, just the above two are my all-time favorites. :)

Favorite Show: Agents of Shield #It'sAllConneted

Favorite Music: Currently, Birdy and various soundtracks.

As for manga/comics/anime, there isn't anything that has really "caught" me recently and I've been very sporadic with my viewing. Of course I am always up for anything Studio Ghibli.

Movies...there's too many to list, and I'm lazy. Same with video games, so if you're really curious, message me. I'd be more than happy to discuss such frivolities.

I also LOVE fairytales (just throwing that out there).

UPDATES 04-10-14:

I am working on newest chapters for:

Luck Be A Lady [You X Avengers]: Posted on Luna &

The Fall of Glory [You X Loki]: Posted on

Strange Birds--one shot [You X Barton]: To be posted on Luna &

Older [You X Tony]: Posted on

Here And Now Again [You X ??]: Posted on Luna &

Coming Soon:

Killing Me Soflty - Sequel to Dark Side

Currently Editing:

Promises & Prospects of Housekeeping - YYH CYOA

Forgotten Fables - Spirited Away

Side Note: I haven't forgotten or abandoned, Martini's Girls & Guns, or Serendipity. I'm sure you'll see something for them as well.

Another Side Note: Obviously, I have things posted on gotvg that are not posted here. I do plan to eventually move those works here as well. Luna currently only has 6 moderators for its que and as I'm not validated...I don't want to clog up said que with a bunch of new stuff. I'll happily wait for them to get some more staff before beginning the transition. So if you are, oh so curious, you can hop over to other site and check them out.

Updates will undoubtedly go up faster on, seeing as they don't have the same traffic load as Luna. You can check there if you're really impatient, or you can email me for my status on whatever story. I don't mind. ;)
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