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So I deleted some stories I was working on because I knew I was ever going to continue them again, but in the process Luna also decided to delete my Hellsing story that I loved very dearly, Tear You Apart. I contacted some mods to see if there's anything I can do about it, but for now it looks like I might have to upload the story again, reviews and favorites and such all gone. So if you were one of the people that read it, you might have to add it to your favorites again!!

I also apologized for my prolonged absence. I had the most terrible hiatus and with the business of my sophomore year of college (I transferred into the school of nursing so my workload skyrocketed) I really just didn't have the drive to write anymore. But now I'm back, I'm ready, and I'm sexier than ever~.


Sillage and Brontide
Reader x Daryl Dixon
Chapters 1/???

Heads Will Roll - ON HIATUS
Reader x Kenpachi Zaraki
Chapters 34/45

Murciélagos y Vampiros - ON HIATUS
Reader x Various
Current Chapter: Reader x D
Up Next: Reader x Cam
Chapters 2/31

Reader x Various
Current Chapter: Reader x Kippei
Up Next: Reader x Satsuki
Chapters 3/???

A King and His Lady - ON HIATUS
Reader x Thorin Oakenshield
Chapters 7/???
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