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I love to read, write, act, and sing. Music is a big part of my life and I can hardly function without my Mp3. My friends call me crazy (or physco, whichever you prefer XD) but they know they love it. :D At first I\'m pretty shy but once you get to know me, I\'m really fun...oh and CRAZY! (Wait...didn\'t I already say that?...If so...ya know, just makin\' sure you know~) I also enjoy watching anime and reading manga. Feel free to message me if you just wanna get ta\' know me. I won\'t bite...well, much. My friends out there in this crazy world, input for my fanfictions are a good, great, wonderful thing! :) It would really help if you let me know what you\'re thinking so that I know what I\'m doing wrong or right. So please, anytime you get the chance, review. For me, please? *Puppy dog eyes*

Now that the casualties are out of the way (Meaning my little mini rant, bio thingy...the thing you just read...we all read it right? Yeah I know you did. Well if not, it\'s at the t-o-p~), let\'s get down to some other business, shall we?

Name: Eh, people call me Hibari-chan, Finland, Mommy (XD), or Lizzy. You can even call me HibariLover, ironic huh? Hmm, but as for my real name, it starts with an A. So you can guess or make up any name that starts with an A~ ;) Heh Heh, or just look at the top. :3

Age: Hmmm, don\'t know if I should tell ya~
Location: 15 degrees west, 29 degrees east, some other degrees north and south to an Unknown location.

Other sites: Wattpad under the name HibariLover, Quizillia under the name HibariChan1 (Very similar, no surprise there XD)

Profile links (Other original stories with some fanfiction) (Not really much here yet)

Fave quote I made up: Sarcasm is the key to success and happiness in life; embrace it, love it, live it~

Fave quotes: Live, Laugh, Love, Dream and... SUK MY FIVE METAS! (Tee hee, gotta love Prussia)

Things I enjoy: Reading, writing, laughing, singing, being with friends, music, being with family, relaxing, quiet, alone time, and...uhh? Sometimes school?

7 Deadly Sin: Sloth...I\'m so lazy, despite the sport I play. Grr, gotta break that habit~

Things I enjoy reading: Romance, lemons, smut, comedy (With romance splashed in~)

Things I like to watch/read: Heh, this may sound bad, but, anything anime or manga that has hot guys in keeps me entertained. *Drools*

Genres I dislike: Don\'t like TRAGEDIES! I don\'t like crying. I feel the pain that the character is going through and I enjoy the feeling! My imagination is way too vivid for tragedies. Hmm, I\'ve tried watching/reading them but I just can\'t. *Shudders* My heart hurts just thinking about them. :3

Fave Parings: Anything with CanonXOC, I know a lot of people hate them but I love them~

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