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My name is Sabrina, but please call me Skully!

I'm fairly outgoing and friendly. I love reviews (and leaving them!) I love all of my readers, even those of you who don't review. You guys rock!



A Cursed Birth [Draco Malfoy|Reader|Original Character]
You didn't ask to be fought over by two of the most attractive wizards at Hogwarts, but it's not like you're complaining.
9/? Chapters

"Fate" is Another Four-Letter Word [Rick Grimes|Reader|Original Character]
Zombies, douchbags, and policemen; oh my!
1/? Chapters

Dies Irae [OC|Reader|OC]
Being the target of a serial killer's affections is harder than it looks.
4/? Chapters


Love, Selfish Love.
You're married. Awesome, right? Except for when the guy you really love is marrying someone else, and your husband is supposed to be dead.
3/? Chapters; On temporary break due to lack of inspiration.

Of Booze and Babies
De-virginized? Check. Pregnant? Check. No idea who the father is? Check.
2/? Chapters; on break indefinitely due to lack of interest.
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