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20 years old, attending Saint Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, Canada. I love being back at university!

Writing is my release: instead of cutting or drinking or getting high (still never been drunk OR high, honestly), I write. Therefore, my writings may be fluffy, angsty, depressing, happy, or just downright disturbing. Pay attention to the warnings.

What I worry about most in my fics, aside from the obvious such as spelling and grammar, is characterization. If you aren\'t going to write the character properly, then it\'s not really fanfiction; it\'s an OC in a canon character\'s body. Of course, anyone can do anything, but there /must/ be background info and/or character development before something OoC can be considered IC.

I don\'t believe in deleting reviews, concrit, or flames, so no one has to worry about me deleting their review because I don\'t like it (I don\'t even know if this site has that capability). To me, that is a repression of people\'s freedom of speech and opinion. Along that line, I accept any feedback I get, glowing, constructive, or destructive. There is usually something to be learned even from flames. (The exception, of course being the flames that run \"u suk! this story sux and u shud stop riting!\" because... yeah. That speaks for itself; I won\'t delete it, just ignore it.)

November is National Novel Writing Month. Check it out at

Feel free to e-mail me, if you wish, at
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