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Welcome to my profile page! Here’s where you’ll find updates, current projects and info about me.

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November 23, 2015 In addition to new fics, I will be posting some of my poetry which has really blossomed over the years, and maybe some additional works I've written for creative writing classes. Some of these works have been published in my school's lit mag, which I'm proud of. Additionally, in terms of fanfiction, I won't be posting multi-chapter fics until their completely finished to avoid posting works here that just never get done. To spread out the timing, I will probably post one chapter a week once I finish them. I'm only focused on one at the moment, anyway.

November 22, 2015 Well, I have been gone a very long time and I truly do apologize. A lot has happened in my life--too much for me to go into--but I've come back to Luna and fanfiction writing nonetheless. Actually, I've been writing fanfic a lot over the years still, but none of it ever got done. It took some maturing for me as both a person and a writer until I decided to come back. That being said, I'll probably be deleting a lot of my old stuff, as I feel it is no longer a reflection of my work. I'm sorry if you enjoyed my works over the years, and I'm so grateful to you, but I don't want to keep them! I want make room for my new works to shine. Anything that wasn't finished will probably not be finished. Some more updates about my personal life will be in the About Me Section. Thank you all for sticking with me even during my 4 year absence. It's hard to believe I'm a college senior already.

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About Me

Name: Rachel
Aliases/Nicknames: shadowsirenv, FreeFree, das
Birthday: October 22
Age: 22
Sign: Libra/Rooster
Myers-Briggs: ISFJ
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Avatar Element: Air
Where I Go to School: The College of New Jersey
Class: Senior
Currently Studying: English (major), Creative Writing (minor), Marketing (minor)
Dream Occupation: Being in an editorial position for a big-name publisher

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What's Being Worked on Now:

A currently untitled Haikyuu!! multi-chapter fic (Ukai/You)
A currently untitled Haikyuu!! one-shot (Kuroo/You)

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Contact Me

tumblr: dasfreefree
twitter: @dasfreefree

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Other Stuff

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