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Name: Sara
Location: Oh, Canada~!
Favourite Colour: Purple
Favourite Character (forever): Leon Magnus
Games: ToD, TotA, ToE, ToV, ToP, Dragon Age Series, Dead Island, Left 4 Dead, Skyrim, Final Fantasy Series
About Me:
Huge fan of the Namco's Tales of Series. Makes you wonder why I haven't posted any stories for that category, huh?

I like to disappear oftentimes from the fanfic world because I am now an adult. Uh, I like bubble tea and I may come as a huge weaboo and I apologize for that (Jill reminds me enough as it is...).

Also a huge fan of otome games (due to a certain someone's influence). I also like to stare at the ceiling, contemplating life.



Title: Yakuza Daughter
Summary: You may look like the very image of a Yamato Nadeshiko but you were far from one. First of all, you have a fetish for men in glasses and butlers. Secondly, you are an otome game otaku. Lastly, you are the daughter of a former Yakuza boss. Of course, the man who is forcing you to marry him doesn't know that and is going to get his ass majorly handed back to him.
Pairing: Reader x Surprise
Fandom: Gintama


Title: My Everything
Summary: He felt himself drowning in a pool of his forgotten past. He could remember a woman whom he spent his first days of awakening with. She always smiled at him, embraced him, promised her love to him. Everything was a lie though. He was nothing but a replacement for her dead husband.
Pairing: Reader x Krad
Fandom: D.N. Angel

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