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Name: Aerin

Age: 18

Birthday: September 10th

Music: Pop/Rock, Country

Favorite Animes: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Yu Yu Hakusho, Fruits Basket, Ouran High School Host Club, FullMetal Alchemist, FullMetal Panic, Tsubasa, Fruits Basket, Naruto, Durarara!!

Favorite Mangas: D.Gray-Man, Godchild, High School Debut, B.O.D.Y., Aishiteruze Baby, Peach Girl, Vampire Knight.

Favorite Books: The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, LOTR, The Hobbit, The Last Song.

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January 6th, 2014

Yo yo yiggidy yo, thank yah for stoping by! Just a quick update to say I've been working through some things and they should slowly but surely get here!
Awhile back I updated "Hit Me Up" and I'm pretty darn excited to plow through that and get that out of the way. I also just submitted a chapter for "Happily Ever After" which I know most of you don't read, but I do adore it and I just want to get it done so I can love it and leave it at that forever.
As for "Just Do Me" it has been planned and chapter five has been started. I'll have to finish when I get back to school because I left my pre-writing there but, typically I write a chapter in an afternoon or evening when I have one available.

But that's it again! I must say, I'm very happy Luna is NOT closing. I know I'm not on here very much but a large chunk of my time has been invested into this site and becoming friends with some of you, and it's been a good time! I'm happy not having to say goodbye just yet :)

Thanks for stopping by!


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 photo larsa1.jpg FFXII: Larsa Solidor- December photo larsafdb.png  photo larsa3_yunie_sigh.png  photo FFXII-ArtistsChoice5copia.png

"Happily Ever After"

---Larsa Solidor x Reader ---

Character POV: 2nd Person (Karina Margrace/You)
Game: Final Fantasy XII
Chapters Complete: 2/25
Summary:It was no secret that Rozarria and Archadia were at odds. The people of the lands feared war and bloodshed. However, once the announcement of a royal engagement had been made, the fear was gone. You, the young empress-to-be of Rozarria, were too young to understand what all this was but you knew it meant no fighting, And you knew you'd made a new friend. Larsa Solidor was charming and kind. He was your best friend. But would such a bond hold strong when one kingdom doesn't live up to their agreement?
This is a response to the challenge, "Childhood Memories!" by, Ninja-chan.
Chapter Composition: Drabble/Ficlet

UPDATE: This story has officially become a priority, because I adore it so much and need to get it done with. I know not many of you read it, but, for those that do, ROCK ON!

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 photo tsunaiconfbv2.png  photo Tsuna4.png  photo MARIA4.jpg  photo tsunaiconrp.png

"Hit Me Up"

--- TYL!Tsuna x Reader ---

Character POV: 2nd Person (Reader/You)
Anime/Manga: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Chapters Complete: 2/12
Summary: You had never made a bigger mistake. In your line of work, you couldn't afford to make mistakes like this. And by the looks of things, you weren't going to be able to wiggle your way out anytime soon. Or at all. He had you wrapped around his finger and that was possibly your biggest, but best, mistake of all.
This is a response to the challenge, "10 Stages of Love" by, Ninja-chan.

Chapter Composition: Approx. 2000 words each. The prompt calls for 10 chapters but I'm tempted to split some chapter prompts into two parts.

UPDATE: Chapter two is up! And I'm pretty happy with it! I'll let you know when chapter three is submitted!

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N: Kakashi- Coming Home 3 photo Kakashi-1.png  photo kakashiicon2.png  photo kashi33.png  photo Kakashi_Icon_1_by_SAYONARAnekochan.png

"Just Do Me"

--- Kakashi Hatake x Reader ---

Character POV: 2nd Person (Reader/You)
Anime/Manga: Naruto
Chapters Complete: 4/12
Summary:You never would have thought it to be this hard to get Kakashi to sleep with you. It wasn't like you hadn't done it before. But something was off about him this week and, though you really didn't want to ask the perv for help, you felt you didn't have much to lose by giving his little book a try.
This is a response to the challenge, "How to seduce your man in ten steps!" by, Choco-Monster-Disease.
Chapter Composition: Ficlet

UPDATE: Chapter four is up! All chapters have been planned and are in the works! I'll let you know when chapter five is submitted!

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DRR: Shizuo- MLSNT 1 photo 4-1.gif DRR: Shizuo- MLSNT 2 photo shizuo-1.png DRR: Shizuo- MLSNT 3 photo 8-1-1.jpg DRR: Shizuo- MLSNT 4 photo 11.png

"My Life's a Sin, Not a Tragedy"

--- Shizuo Heiwajima x Reader ---

Character POV: 2nd Person (Reader/You)
Anime/Manga: Durarara!!
Chapters Complete: 3/???
Summary:It didn't mean anything, right? You didn't actually care for him. You were just sleeping together. To relieve the stress. You had work to worry about and monthly fees to pay. This was no time to be to be falling in love.. and yet.. you were.
Chapter Composition: Ficlet to Full Length or a little shorter.

UPDATE: As of Jan. 9 2014, Chapter 4 is actually 85% done. Whaaaaatt?? I'm not sure when I'll submit it but I'll be sure to let you know.

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KHR: Yamamoto - New Girl 1 photo Yamamotoicon8.png KHR: Yamamoto - New Girl 2 photo 18.png KHR: Yamamoto - New Girl 3 photo Yamamotoicon.png KHR: Yamamoto - New Girl 4 photo Yamamotoicon6.png

"New Girl"

--- Takeshi Yamamoto x Reader ---

Character POV: 2nd Person (Reader/You)
Anime/Manga: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Chapters Complete: 4/???
Summary:Being the new girl is tough. There's a lot to worry about! Will you fit in? Is the school nice? Are the teachers tough? Who are you going to be in this new place? With one shot at a second chance you try not to blow it. But that seems to be getting harder and harder...
Chapter Composition: Various. From Ficlet to Full Length.

UPDATE: Currently this is on hiatus until I plow through some other stories.

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KHR: Gokudara- November photo reborn_019.png  photo 905909.jpg gokudera icon photo: Hayato Gokudera Icon 572740.jpg KHR: Gokudera 2- November photo thgokederah.jpg

"Time is Love"

--- Hayato Gokudera x Reader ---

Character POV: 2nd Person (Reader/You)
Anime/Manga: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Chapters Complete: 3/30
Summary: You were ready. Another summer break had come and gone as fast as the rest, but now, this was it. Your senior year at Namimori High School. You had finally made it! The year was going to be perfect, just like everyone's senior year was supposed to be. Nothing could possibly ru- Your eyes found your name on the class list. And right below you was none other than Gokudera Hayato. Oh no, not again! Your senior year was completely, totally, and officially, ruined… or so you thought.
This is a response to the challenge, "12 Months" by, Celmisia. I'm really excited (as I always am with my stories) about this and can't wait to have it up and running!
Chapter Composition: Drabble or Ficlet.(AN: It's supposed to be a 12 chapter story but I make each month a few chapters.)

UPDATE: Currently this is on hiatus until I plow through some other stories.

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