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Er, kind of. I guess I was never really gone? I\'ve been around every now and then looking at things, but not really regularly or reviewing (x.x sorry)...or updating...or writing at all.... DX

Anyway, just wanted to let people know that I\'m not dead! Update on life: I\'m in college now, going into junior year soon, and either a biochemistry or molecular biology major. I\'m also premed, so that means MCATS and internships and volunteering and med school apps... Soooo that means I don\'t really have time for much writing (ignoring the fact that it\'s summer now *coughcough*).

However, I will update! Eventually... >.< I do plan to finish my multi-chaptered fics at one time or another. This is Most Odd is my top priority, but Christmas Gift and Denial are on tentative hiatus right now. I\'m not too sure of where I\'m going with the former (or rather, I forgot what the plot was). And of the latter, I do have a good idea, but it is going to be along project if I want to write it well and thoroughly, which I do not have time for.

Also, expect one-shots and drabbles! =)

And, just to let people know, I don\'t really check the current contact info I have on this profile. I will update that reeeeeeeeally soon!
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