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August 9th~

I\'m back, kind of~ Sorry for the longggg absence, but KHR! hasn\'t been very inspiring lately, so, so crackfics for that. *issad*

Was looking for something to fangirl over, and found Kuroshitsuji! The manga, not the anime. ANDAND I TOTALLY FELL IN LOVE WITH CHARLES GREY~ Iunno, when/if the anime gets him I\'ll feel the need to watch it so year. Also, first season cannot watch on my iPhone therefore cannot watch it at my convenience. *sigh*

Also watching Durarara!!~ I think my favourite will be Izaya. Yussss, that crazy psycho cellphone-stamping maniac. Will get back on all that.

A-also, OMG 100+ fav author. TT_TT T-thank you guys sooooo much, although I don\'t feel like I really deserve it since I\'ve been away for so long and... yeah... *sob* I\'ll write more, I promise! ...Although, I\'ve been fangirling over some not-so-popular characters so not many of you guys will like that haha-- o3o

*wishing there were more Charles Grey fics* If anyone wants to do a trade with me, email~

ALSO: Have finally finished answering reviews. 8D Thank you for being patient with me~


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