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Hellooo!!*waves* I\'m Mizu-chan!!

About me:

I write as a hobby, not the best at it but slowly trying to improve :D

If you saw me on the street you wouldn\'t think that I like anime, much less write fanfiction.

I don\'t like revealing too much about myself online D:

Anime(in no particular order):

Inuyasha ▫ Naruto ▫ Gundam Seed ▫ Gundam Seed Destiny ▫ Wolf\'s Rain ▫ Romeoxjuliet ▫ DN angel ▫ Tsubasa Chronicle ▫ Yu-Gi-Oh ▫ Yu Yu Hakusho ▫ Full Metal Alchemist ▫ Full Moon Wo Sagashite ▫ One piece ▫ Eureka 7 ▫ Prince of Tennis ▫ Bleach ▫ D.Gray-man ▫ School Rumble ▫ Full Metal Panic ? Fumoffu ! ▫ La Corda D\'oro (Hoping for a REAL season 2) ▫ Kaikan Phrase ▫ Skip Beat ▫ Katekyo Hitman Reborn (Gokudera ^___^) ▫ Durarara! ▫ Full Metal Alchemist BH ▫ Eden of the East ▫ Saiunkoku Monogatari ▫ Clannad



A Summer Romance (BakuraxReader) - COMPLETE!
A Winter Love (BakuraxReader) - Chapter 8 (20%)
For Mokuba (KaibaxReader) - Chapter 9 (10%)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!:

A Little Push (GokuderaxReader) - COMPLETE!
Stormy Eyes (GokuderaxReader) - Chapter 5 (10%)

Kingdom Hearts:

Double Meaning (RikuxReader) - COMPLETE!

Nabari No Ou:

Ashen Winds (YoitexReader) - COMPLETE!


For a Certainty (HisagixReader) - Chapter 4 (30%)

To Aru Majutsu no Index:

Vectors of the Heart (AcceleratorxReader) - Chapter 2 (50%)

Hello! I\'ve gotten over my writer\'s block and am continuing to slave away at my stories :)

Thanks for sticking around!!
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