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Uh. It bugs me when people say \'I suck at summaries\', but I\'m going to say \'I suck at profiles\' anyways. Nyah. :P

My active fic fandoms are Doctor Who (since before the new series) and Diablo II. I gaze longingly at Star Trek (the original), Vampire Hunter D, Samurai Jack, and Harry Potter, but haven\'t really done anything about those yet.

I am attempting to master the art of the 100-word pure drabble. Pretty much all of my stuff is short-format; I don\'t think I\'ve ever written anything longer than 600 words. ^^;; I\'m the moderator of two related communities on LiveJournal: Doctor Who One Hundred, a challenge-based community for Doctor Who drabbles; and Quickfic Support, where ficlets can be posted for public critique if you don\'t want to bother your beta with something so short.

I like concrit. Tell me in detail what I\'m doing right and wrong. Unless it\'s really critical to the understanding of the story, I probably won\'t change it, because my stuff is beta-read first. But hints to help my writing improve in future are appreciated.

I\'ll beta-read for any of the fandoms I mentioned above (except Harry Potter, because I\'m really not an expert), as well as original fantasy, s/f, and horror.
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