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The first thing I can say about me is that I actually like my handwriting... sometimes it's not very consistent but it's neat and it's enough to form a good first impression about me if you've seen it before my face! Hahaha.
The second thing would be my trepidation of the day when I finally choose a favorite color. I think it's too much of a commitment to have yourself defined by a silly little thing.
The third thing is I really love chatting with people. I can spend like two minutes typing things and not worrying about how much I'm stumbling over my words and trying to prevent spit from floundering out of my mouth -- it's just so convenient! And it's calmer to chat with people even when you're fangirling. :) Ahahaha. Chatting > Trying to keep up with someone's vigor in speaking.
I'm sorry that was so long but I really like doing things in paragraph form - I find it really fun! hahaha.

I'm currently reading (manga) Kuroko no Basuke.
Currently reading (novel): Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex; Attachments.
Currently doing: Gaining weight.

I like to think I'm witty but I guess I come off as too sassy... I've kind of implemented my speech pattern to my writing style, I'm sorry! I just don't know how to make it different unless I add emoticons, and emoticons don't really look normal in this font.

All isxzz well!
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