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“To me, kung fu is like a ballet, except there’s no music, no choreography, and the dancers hit each other.” — Techo Master

✎ Heyo, there. ❀

I suppose that a little about myself wouldn’t hurt anyone much.

I enjoy writing, sketching a bit, and playing games. I’m also rather unhealthily sarcastic.

On a lighter note, anyhow~

I’m prone to liking the side characters / antagonists that actually end up helping the main guys. It happens with any show I watch, ahaha.

Prince of Tennis / Tenimyu / Pairpuri addict

→ Likes rice, Swedish fish, pocky, blueberry muffins, sfogliatine, ginger candy, apples, and strawberries~

→ Wants to collect the Prince of Tennis series : [14/42]

Interested in KHR!

The Varia’s cool~

▄▀▄ ☬ ▄▀▄

✐ Under the username “ScreechingDespair” at Quizilla. Most of my works are there, even though the whole website is quite miserably run compared to Luna. It probably would take too much time and effort to move everything, so I’m stuck there.

Don’t own any of the pictures!


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