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.. it may be hypocritical, but I no longer accept anonymous reviews! Sorry ghost-readers, I guess you\'ll just have to admire from afar.


Dominant - Submitted chapters 3, 4, and 5.

[formerly waiPonbon ]

Want me to tell you about myself? No? Okay.

superspi\'s biography or whatever you call it.
- not that you care but now you know -

I am American.
I like cinnamon buns.
Kiba Inuzuka is my guilty pleasure.
I love playing video games.
My username is pronounced \"super-spee\".
I love anime and manga.
I love to draw.
If I owned Shizuo Heiwajima, I would make him let me ride him piggyback. Everywhere.
I love to write.
I\'m kind of a hopeless romantic.
My favorite authors here so far are: Rougeberry, Random Person, littleduck, Chloryl, Dolente and perfect-to-stay.

| - ∆ - |

I am responding to ℓσƔε ℭηqυℯrs ⒶⓁⓁ ღChallengeღ by heathersandfeathers.

| - My Favorite People [ Unreal are the Best ] - |

˚Yamamoto Takeshi
˚Gokudera Hayato
˚Sebastian Michaelis
˚Nanase Haruka
˚Tachibana Makoto
˚Superbi Squalo
˚Hibari Kyoya
˚Edward Elric
˚Alphonse Elric
˚Roy Mustang
˚Uchiha Sasuke
˚Uzumaki Naruto
˚Inuzuka Kiba
˚Orihara Izaya
˚Heiwajima Shizuo
˚Ryuugamine Mikado
˚Sasagawa Ryohei
˚Kougami Shinya

| - My Favorite Genres of Fanfiction [ I Have My Tastes ] - |


| - Favorite Anime [ Different Worlds ] - |

˚Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
˚Fullmetal Alchemist
˚Samurai Champloo
˚Absolute Boyfriend

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