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Name: xompiepocalypse
Alias: Kat
Status: Author
Join Date: 06/15/13
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Hello! So I joined here in the hopes that I can get back to my old writing habits. Yep. Don\'t be afraid to talk to me, I\'m a pretty friendly person!

I really like history/historical fiction and poetry and horror, especially horror historical fiction or horror poetry. Also Robert Frost is really cool.

Age: 15

Favorite Color: Probably sort of TARDIS blue


  • Sherlock (BBC)

  • Supernatural

  • Doctor Who

  • Harry Potter

  • LotR/The Hobbit

  • Hetalia

  • Death Note

  • Black Butler



  • Classic Rock

  • Classical

  • Alternative/Rock

  • Movie Soundtracks

To Do List:

  • H. P. Lovecraft/Doctor Who crossovers

  • Edgar A. Poe/Hetalia crossovers

  • Spanish Caravan SpaBel

  • Djinn!Turkey x Ukraine

  • Gypsy!Turkey x Crimean Noble!Ukraine

  • A whole mess of reader inserts (which I haven\'t written in over a year) a lot of which will be songfics

  • Globus - Europa Hetalia songfic - 1 chapter for each battle mentioned

  • New York, New York! based thing where Denmark moves to new York to get famous and meets America and they become bros

Hey! I\'m totally up for requests and fictrades, they\'ll most likely motivate me a heck of a lot more than my own stupid ideas, haha. I won\'t do smut, though, sorry.

Anyway, thanks for your time! Sorry you had to read (or at least glance at) this dumb old thing :P Just thought I\'d let you guys know a bit about myself. Yeah! See ya around C:
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