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Hello, everyone! :D Just your average, crack!writer who sadly attempts to write fanfiction.
For those who don\'t know me, I am an immigrant fleeing away from the strict limitations of a land known as Quizilla, under the name KindleSpirits.
Here, as Tiramisu, I shall be freely sharing my freshly-picked lemons, cotton candy fluff, sour gummies, marijuana, and tanks full of laughing gas.
I may or may not be responsible for your rainbow-induced vomit.

Well, metaphors aside, my name is Kimberly and I\'m 17 years closer to a death of suffocation stimulated by the many BBQ ribs that clogged in my throat.
As a resident of Texas, my affections are devoted to the down-to-earth things in life.... such as fire ants and the morning roadkill.

.......I\'m kidding. haha x)

Despite my love for literature and crude innuendos, much of my emotional outlets narrow to dancing and drawing.
Contrary to popular belief, I\'m actually not borderline insane, so let\'s have a little friendly chit-chat over tea and some French pastries, ne? ♥

Name: Kimberly
Age: 17
Birthday: November 24
Likes: dancing, drawing, playing guitar
Nationality: Filipino-German-Spanish
Music: Imagine Dragons, Ed Sheeran, SoMo


Serious Business aka Upcoming Stories
Seeing how I just joined, I am an unvalidated author, so updates will be extremely slow until I earn validation

Etiquette of a Gentleman:
Status: active
reader x various
A drabble series featuring various canons in their attempts to stabilize a good, healthy relationship.
Some chapters are reposted from my Quizilla account.

The Book of Phobias:
Status: active
reader x various
This series will be featuring various phobias that the reader and/or canon faces or overcomes.
Angst? Fluff? Crack? We shall see. This will be my very first, new series to be posted on Luna;
nothing will be a repost from Quizilla, so enjoy ♥~!

Sunrise and Sunset
Status: under construction
reader x ryohei sasawaga
unfortunately, the sunshine couldn\'t reach you in time.

7 Deadly Sins
Status: under construction
reader x various
temptation always gets the upperhand.
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